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Friday, January 3, 2014

It's been a blast, my friends!

Hey guys, Kristen here...  Or, as some of you might know me, Echoreyn of Athens, blog creator and local music scene enthusiast!  Lately, I've come to find that between my computer work, novel writing, and acting (Shameless plug: go see me in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters right now!), I no longer have the time I wish I had to keep up with this blog and with the scene I love so much.  It seems that the moment has arrived for me to officially wrap things up and clear the way for any new emerging music writers and explorers who are just now entering the scene.  Before I say goodbye, though, let's take a step back in time and relive all of the great memories we've had together.

Four and a half years ago, I fell into music blogging when a post I wrote on my personal blog about the ever-rockin' local band Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings turned up on the band's website. Since then, the Echoreyn of Athens blog has led me on the ride of a lifetime and given me a slew of incredibly unforgettable experiences! From Athfest to Music Midtown, from Summerfest and Summer Side Show to CMJ in New York, I've had the chance to visit venues all across the state and beyond and to see hundreds of unbelievable bands, international acts and local startups alike.  I've been on the road with musicians and visited my friends backstage.   I've been given shout outs during shows and even had some of my favorites play for my birthday party.  Hey, and remember that time they wrote an article about the blog in the Red and Black UGA newspaper? The joy I have felt in the Athens music scene is truly indescribable!

Even though I am taking this opportunity to say goodbye, this definitely isn't farewell forever.  I will always love and continue to support the Athens music scene whenever I can.  I may even come back to write a post or two when I catch a new band that blows my mind or when hear some big news about the scene that just has to be shared.  Beyond that, you can also still visit me on the Echoreyn of Athens Tumblr page, tweet me @Echoreyn, relive all of your favorite music moments on the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube page, and get tidbits and news on the Echoreyn of Athens Facebook page.  You can also get to know me a bit better on my new personal tumblr blog or on my official website if you'd like.

I wish all of you still on the scene and all of you working to become a part of the scene good luck with your endeavors.  Keep on rockin'!  And to those of you who, like me, love going downtown to bask in all of the awesome tunes, keep on doing what you're doing too.  The scene needs all of you guys!

I'd like to thank each one of you for all of your support of the blog and of the scene we all love so much.  Without a doubt, it has been absolutely spectacular, my friends!
~Kristen a.k.a. Echoreyn

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kristen's Band Picks: Active Favorites Edition

Wondering what bands you've just got to catch in action this year?  Who's still rocking' stages around town and where can you find them? Here at Echoreyn of Athens, we decided to do something a little different this time around.  Presenting our local active band favorites!

Band: The Athens Band
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: These guys started out as some of the youngest rockers around town, but they've long since come into their own with a sound that hearkens back to classic hard rock and sets full of quality original tunes!

Band: Bambara
Status: Active
Usually plays at: the Caledonia Lounge
Description: They may live in New York now, but these melodic noise rockers always stop by Athens once or twice a year to blast our ears with their intense, eardrum exploding sound!

Band: Chris McKay
Status: Varies
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Chris McKay's band the Critical Darlings inspired me to create this blog years ago with their energetic show and classic soft rock sound.  Since then, Chris has been a part of many local bands, including popular Beatles cover band Abbey Road Live.  No matter the venture, Chris McKay always creates quality music!

Band: Doctor Squid
Status: Plays at Squidmas
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: With a sound chock full of happiness and shows that are fantastically fun, Doctor Squid has remained a longtime favorite.  Best known for their festive Squidmas shows, their pop rock sound is positively infectious!

Band: Dangfly!
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Dangfly! rocks every show with their dance-inducing folk style, infused with a gleeful mix of trumpet and fiddle.

Band: Efren
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Gritty folk at its best, Efren's sound holds within in it the strength and sorrow of a full life lived.

Band: Emily Hearn
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: If you haven't heard her sing yet, you'll fall in love with Emily Hearn's unbelievably sweet voice the moment you hear her first note. Her sound will blow you away!

Band: Feather Trade
Status: Active
Usually plays at: Go Bar
Description: Bright lights intermix with Feather Trade's dark alt-rock style tunes to create a fully immersive rock experience!

Band: Kenosha Kid
Status: Active
Usually plays at: Hendershots
Description: If jazz is your thing, Kenosha Kid is the band for you!  Voted best jazz band in town year after year, these guys infuse their sound with style and a sense of fun.

Band:  Lera Lynn
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Lera Lynn's strong, quality melodies and her band's twangy style always make for an awesome show!

Band: Sam Sniper
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Unique southern rock with a touch of folk and a sense of humor, Sam Sniper's got it all.  Don't miss your chance to dance along with the crowd and rock out to their tunes!

Band: Seven Handle Circus
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Every Seven Handle Circus show is a fun, one-of-a-kind experience.  Be sure to check out their bouncy, upbeat folk tunes!

Band: The Skipperdees
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: These talented twin folk singers serve up some of the best folk tunes around. You'll just love their soft, tangy sound!

Band:  Thayer Sarrano
Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Nothing can match up to Thayer Sarrano's sweet spoken word style melodies!

Status: Active
Usually plays at: various venues
Description: Take a step outside of the norm with the fun, indie style of the Warm Fuzzies! 

Band: Yip Deceiver
Status: Active
Usually plays at: the Georgia Theatre
Description: Nobody throws a party like Yip Deceiver.  Get ready to go wild and have fun!

Be sure to click the links above to visit each band's Facebook page and to find out about all of their upcoming shows!  Looking forward to a particular local show happening soon?  Share the details with the world in the comments below.   See ya around town, my friends!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa… (2013)

Dear Santa,

 It looks like it may not be a snowy one, but I hope you give Athens a season that's merry and bright this year! Even though we've had to say goodbye to a lot of places we loved and bands we enjoyed over the past few months, we are all looking forward to a fresh start filled with joy and magical moments galore.

May the bands be rockin' and the beats be droppin'!

 Love and glittery hats,
Kristen a.k.a. Echoreyn of Athens

Monday, December 2, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: Dance your way through December!

As the year comes to an end, our ears will ring joyfully with the final songs of 2013.  Come dance your way through December!

Tue, Dec 3: UGA Holiday Concert @ 8 PM @ Classic Center Theatre
Kick off the month and get yourself into the holiday spirit with a Holiday Concert courtesy of the UGA Symphony Orchestra!

Tuesdays in November: Kenosha Kid @ 9 PM @ Hendershot's Coffee
Every year Kenosha Kid wins the honor of best jazz band in town. If you haven't grooved to them yet, it's about time.  See them live at Hendershot's every Tuesday in December!

Wed, Dec 4: Cicada Rhythm @ 8 PM @ Melting Point
You'll just love the unique folk stylings of Cicada Rhythm!

Thu, Dec 5: SQUIDMAS @ 9 PM @ Caledonia Lounge 
WOW!  Doctor Squid, The Warm Fuzzies, AND The Skipperdees? With a lineup like this, it'll be a very Merry Squidmas indeed. You definitely won't want to miss this show!

Thu, Dec 5: Efren @ 10 PM @ Nowhere Bar
I've been following Efren's gritty sound since the beginning, and they're always worth a listen.  Check 'em out over at Nowhere Bar!

Thu, Dec 5: Yo Soybean, Madeline @ 10 PM @ Flicker Theatre
Yo Soybean will bring the rock and Madeline will add a touch of darkness to the night's southern-twinges tunes at the Flicker Theatre!

Fri, Dec 6: Abbey Road Live @ 9 PM @ Melting Point
Hey, all you Beatles fans out there…  You may have missed seeing the original band play a show, but Abbey Road Live keeps their sound going strong.  Catch these guys at the Melting Point on the 6th!

Sat, Dec 7: Holiday Yard Sale @ 11 AM - 5 PM @ 40 Watt
Ok, this may not be a show per say, but nothing says Athens like a yard sale at the 40 Watt while the bar is taking orders. Save money, schmooze, and booze at the Watt's Holiday Yard Sale this year!

Sat, Dec 7: Easter Island @ 10 PM @ The World Famous
Easter Island mixes drum beats and sweet vocals to create and awesome soft rock sound!

Sat, Dec 14: Thayer Sarrano @ 10 PM @ The World Famous
Thayer Sarrano weaves words into music in an incredibly unique and beautiful way.  Be sure to check out her show at the World Famous!

Thu, Dec 19: Dangfly @ 11 PM @ Georgia Theatre
One of my top Athfest favorites from this year, Dangfly's quality rock will definitely leave you dancing.  Best of all, this show is part of a free after-wedding celebration at the Georgia Theatre, so everyone is sure to be in a festive mood!

Sat, Dec 28: Brothers @ 10 PM @ Flicker Theatre
Classic meets indie when Brothers takes the stage.  See 'em over at Flicker near the end of the month!

Tue, Dec 31: The Whigs @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
The Whigs have got New Year's Eve covered with their hardcore southern rock sound!

Tue, Dec 31: New Year's Eve with Ghost Owl @ 10 PM @ The Green Room
Ghost Owl's powerful tunes and commanding beats will usher in the New Year like no other.  This show is sure to to be an awesome way to ring in 2014!

What a month this will be!  I can't believe it's almost 2014 already.  Just like always, if you've heard of another local show not listed here that you can't wait to attend, don't hesitate to comment below and let the world know all the details.  Make the most of this month, and I'll catch ya around town, my friends!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: Rock your November!

Winds whisper of the changing season as they rustle the brilliant leaves from the trees.  Twisting melodies dance through the branches as well, eager to fill your ears with the sounds of November...

Fri, Nov 1: White Violet @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Soft rock with a touch of darkness, White Violet's show is an awesome way to kick off the month!

Sat, Nov 2: Dangfly! @ 10 PM @ Nowhere Bar
Even Dangfly!'s name is exciting.  Don't miss their fiddle- and trumpet-infused rock over at Nowhere Bar!

Mon, Nov 4: Thayer Sarrano @ 9 PM @ The Green Room
You've never heard anything like Thayer Sarrano's soft and sweet spoken melodies!

Tuesdays in November: Kenosha Kid @ 9 PM @ Hendershot's Coffee
People often call Kenosha Kid one of the best jazz bands in town.  That's because it's true.  See them live at Hendershot's every Tuesday in November!

Sat, Nov 9: Talkingto. @ 9 PM @ Echo
I've followed most of the members of Talkingto through their various incarnations over the years because they're all just so damn talented. Their mad skills shine through every name and style they adopt.  Hear their latest sound at Echo, the brand new venue in Farm255's former spot!

Sun, Nov 17: Ruby the Rabbitfoot @ 9 PM @ The World Famous
Ruby the Rabbitfoot's sweet and upbeat sound never fails to please!

Thu, Nov 21: Seven Handle Circus & The Skipperdees @ 8 PM @ 40 Watt
What a combination!  Both Seven Handle Circus and the Skipperdees will be serving up their best movement-inducing folk tunes at the 40 Watt on the 21st.  You won't want to miss this one!

Sat, Nov 23: Lullwater @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
Hard rock with a folk twist, you're sure to love Lullwater's sound!

Wow, there's no doubt this month's shows will be amazing!  Eagerly awaiting another local show in November not listed here?  By all means, please share all the details in the comments below.  See you around town, my friends!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: October's tunes will haunt your ears!

October creeps in with a terrifyingly delicious batch of rockin' bands.  Fear not, tons of wild tunes await your ears!

Tue, Oct 1: The Skipperdees @ 10 PM @ Go Bar
Kick off the month with the spooktacularly talented sisters, the Skipperdees.  Their twangy folk sound will blow you away!

Thu, Oct 3: Adron @ 8 PM @ Hendershots
Adron's jazzy, breezy sound makes any day feel like a vacation!

Fri, Oct 4: Kishi Bashi @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
You've never seen a violin played like this!  Kishi Bashi's sound and style is like no other.

Sun, Oct 6: Kyshona Armstrong @ 7 PM @ Melting Point
Kyshona Armstrong's voice is all power and soul.  Don't miss this show!

Mondays in October: Kenosha Kid @ 8 PM @ The World Famous
If you haven't caught jazz band Kenosha Kid in action yet, you're definitely missing out!

Mon, Oct 7: Jimmy Eat World @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Jimmy Eat World?  Man, that brings me back.  All I can really say about this is "Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright. Alright!"

Thu, Oct 10: Abbey Road Live! @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
If you're a Beatles fan, you've just got to check out Abbey Road Live!

Thu, Oct 17: They Might Be Giants @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
This just might be one of the biggest shows of the month... Actually, there's no doubt about it.  This show will be huge!  Be sure to get your tickets for They Might Be Giants soon.

Fri, Oct 18: Brothers @ TBA @ Flicker Theatre
Brothers' indie rock take on a classic sound is one of a kind!

Fri, Oct 18: Of Montreal @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
Colors, costumes, and madness... Of Montreal is a most excellent embodiment of the month of October!

Thu, Oct 24: Emily Hearn @ 8 PM @ Melting Point
One of my top favorite voices in the city, Emily Hearn's sweet sound will leave you speechless!

Fri, Oct 25: Marie Davon @ TBA @ Flicker Theatre
Singer. Violinist. Fashion plate. Is there anything Marie Davon can't do?

Fri, Oct 25: Death On Two Wheels @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Hard and heavy rock is the Death On Two Wheels way!

Sat, Oct 26: Young Benjamin @ TBA @ Flicker Theatre
Young Benjamin's melodies will send you on a journey through the ethereal and the mysterious!

Sat, Oct 26: Wild Rumpus Party @ 8 PM @ 40 Watt
Let the annual Wild Rumpus start!  Don't miss Athens' own Halloween parade followed by a performance featuring the incredibly awesome Ghost Owl and the always crazy Kite to the Moon.

Sat, Oct 26: Yip Deceiver @ 11 PM @ Green Room
Get your dance on and go nuts with Yip Deceiver!

Mon, Oct 28: Thayer Sarrano @ 8 PM @ The World Famous
Just in time for Halloween, Thayer Sarrano's unique sound and Kenosha Kid's jazzy style combine for a night of Twin Peaks covers!

Thu, Oct 31: Nightmare on Hull Street @ 10 PM @ The World Famous
Mwahahaha!  Usher in the true Halloween with a dance party featuring all of your favorite creepy tunes courtesy of Dj Quincy (John Swint).

Thu, Oct 31: Sam Sniper @ 10:30 PM @ Green Room
You can never attend too many Halloween parties!  Finish out this mad spooky month with the groove-inducing southern rock sound of Sam Sniper.

What an October!  Looking forward to any other local shows not listed here?  Be sure to share all the details in the comments below.  See you among the ghouls and ghosts!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: September brings the tunes!

September has arrived, full to the brim with incredible shows.  Take a break from school and work to rock out to these awesome bands!

Wed, Sep 4: Kyshona Armstrong @ 8 PM @ The World Famous
Kyshona's powerful voice and soulful sound will blow you away!

Wed, Sep 4: Jubee and the Morning After @ 9 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Hip hop meets soul when these talented musicians hit the stage. Check them out at the Georgia Theatre!

Fri, Sep 6: The Gold Party @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
The Gold Party's got an electronic indie pop sound like no other.

Sat, Sep 7: Efren & Dangfly! @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Between Dangfly!'s trumpeting folk rock and Efren's gritty sound, this show features some of Athens' very best!

Sat, Sep 7: John French and the Bastilles @ 8 PM @ 40 Watt
John French and the Bastilles will serve up some quality southern rock over at the 40 Watt.

Sun, Sep 8: Viking Progress @ 7:30 PM @ The World Famous
Sweet distortion is Viking Progress's style.  You won't want to miss this show!

Tuesdays in September: Kenosha Kid @ 8 PM @ Hendershots
Without a doubt one of the best jazz bands in town, Kenosha Kid will be filling our ears with their awesome tunes every Tuesday of the month!

Thu, Sep 12: Yo Soybean @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Craving some badass southern rock?  Look no further than Yo Soybean!

Fri, Sep 13: Yip Deceiver @ 9 PM @ The World Famous
Yip Deceiver has arrived... Get ready to party!

Sat, Sep 21: Easter Island Vinyl Release @ 9 PM @ Georgia Theatre
What a night this will be!  Not only will soft rockers Easter Island be releasing their latest record, but they're also teaming up with Brothers and John French and the Bastilles to give us what is sure to be an unbelievable show!

Sat, Sep 21: Lullwater @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Hard rock spiced up with a touch of folk, Lullwater is definitely one to see!

Mon, Sep 23: Little Tybee @ 9 PM @ The World Famous
People have been buzzing about these guys for a long time.  Check out the soft rock and indie style of Little Tybee!

Tue, Sep 24: The Skipperdees @ 7 PM @ The Melting Point
The twangy folk sound of the Skipperdees will rock the Melting Point's last Terrapin Tuesday of the month!

Fri, Sep 27: Powerkompany @ 9 PM @ The World Famous
Powerkompany will serenade you with their  ethereal electronic melodies as September approaches its end.

Wow, what a lineup of amazing shows!  Excited for another band playing locally that's not on this list? Go ahead and share the details with all of us in the comments below.  Hope you have a spectacular September on the scene, my friends!