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Friday, March 1, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: March's shows will blow you away!

March breezes its way in, bearing gifts in the form of some absolutely incredible lineups and shows.  

Fri, March 1: Abbey Road Live! @ 8:00 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Are you a fan of the Beatles?  Well, then, kick off your month with the best Beatles cover band in town, Abbey Road Live!  This show will feature the always awesome Chris McKay as well, so be sure not to miss it!

Fri, March 1: Of Montreal, Yip Deceiver @ 9:00 PM @ 40 Watt
If you're in the mood for fun, this is the show for you.  With both Of Montreal and Yip Deceiver on the bill, you're guaranteed an insane, dance-filled celebration!

Sat, March 2: Efren @10:00 PM @ Green Room
Efren's gritty southern sound speaks volumes.  Catch his show at the newly redone Green Room!

Mon, March 4: The Skipperdees @ 10:00 PM @ Flicker Theatre
These girls have such talent!  Their brand of twangy folk is certain to put a smile on your face.

Wed, March 6: Ruby the Rabbitfoot @ 8:00 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Some of Athens' best, including the sweet Ruby the Rabbitfoot, will be taking the stage on the sixth to play one last big show before they all make their way to Texas for SXSW!

Wed, March 6: Little Tybee, Adron @ 8:00 PM @ Melting Point
Don't miss Little Tybee's CD release party at the Melting Point featuring the unique, indie rock of singer Adron!

Thu, March 7: Brothers @ 8:00 PM @ WUOG
From classic sounds to indie style tunes, this band's got it all!  Hear them on the radio at WUOG 90.5 FM or see 'em live at UGA's Tate Center in the WUOG station headquarters.

Thu, March 7: Sam Sniper @ 11:00 PM @ Farm255
Southern rock with a side of fun, Sam Sniper show is one to see!  Get yourself to Farm255 on the 7th.

Fri, March 8: Lera Lynn @ 8:00 PM @ The World Famous
Powerful rock and an incredible voice make every Lera Lynn show an amazing experience!  And be sure to check out her new PledeMusic campaign as well.  Let's make sure we keep the great tunes coming our way!

Fri, March 8: Feather Trade @ 9:00 PM @ Flicker Theatre
Misfortune500's newest incarnation, Feather Trade's got a deliciously dark, alt rock sound you're sure to love!

Fri, March 15: Madeline @ 8:00 PM @ The World Famous
A touch of darkness makes Madeline's melodies a great listen every time!

Fri, March 15: Viking Progress @ 11:30 PM @ Farm255
Check out Viking Progress's unique distorted sound over at Farm255 in the middle of the month!

Wed, March 20: Dangerous Ponies @ 11:00 PM @ Farm255
What are Philadelphia's Dangerous Ponies like?  Indie pop goes old-school with tunes that are sure to make you dance.  Pure beauty!

Fri, March 22: Bambara, Manray, Powder Room @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Our favorite New York imports from our own town join some of the best wild local rockers on the scene. Bambara's noise rock will leave your ears screaming in ecstasy while Manray and the Powder Room will blast you into nonbeing with their sound.  What a lineup this is! 

Sat, March 30: Meat Puppets @ 9:00 PM @ 40 Watt
The nineties rock legends, Meat Puppets, return to the 40 Watt again to drive everyone nuts.  I saw them take the stage a few years ago, and I've never forgotten it!

Wow, what a month we've got in store for us!  There's no doubt about it... March is going to be awesome!  Know of any other rockin' local shows happening this month?  Comment below, and let the world know about them.  See ya downtown, my friends!