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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Noise Rules the Night: Bambara, Vincas, and Manray

The power emanating from the Caledonia Lounge this past Saturday night was truly something to behold. The three bands that gathered there to play for us were unequalled in their skill, and they took the stage as masters of their craft.

The first band to drive us wild were longtime favorites of the blog and veritable rulers of the noise rock scene, Bambara. As one of their final shows in Athens before their big move up to the NYC, they gave us a send-off nobody is likely to forget any time soon. Fully absorbed in their sound, with amazing energy that vibrated through the concrete floor to the core of every listener, they blasted us with their tunes. It was quite possibly the best show of theirs I've ever seen, and considering just how many times I've headed downtown to catch them in action, that's certainly saying something! Indeed, the guys rocking out beside me in the crowd were practically throwing fits from being in the mere presence of Blaze's mind-blowing drumming, Reid's incredible vocals and control of the piercing melodies, and William's intense mastery of the bass. The highlight of the night, though, was undoubtably their newest tune which, I am absolutely shocked to say, managed to outsex their hit Native Tongue for the title of most eargasmic song I've ever heard. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible to top that song, but holy geez, their latest tune was filled to the brim with sheer sexiness!

Following Bambara, Athens own Vincas gave us their dark and eerie take on the noise rock genre. I'd never heard these guys before, but their sound was pure quality. They were an excellent addition to the night's lineup!

Then it was Manray's turn to rule the stage. My pals have not been able to stop talking about the awesomeness that is this band, and now I fully understand why. The strength of their melodic hard and dark rock was absolutely brilliant, and though rather sparse by way of lyrics, their songs had a depth of sound that provided the perfect conclusion to the night. Best of all, these guys were rife with personality. Between tunes, they fed the crowd a bit of hilarious banter, and during the songs, they threw themselves into the music. Near the end of the set, bass player Ryan even tried to spontaneously crowd surf, leaping into the unsuspecting mob of fans before writhing around onstage. Enamored by their style, the crowd responded in turn, dancing wildly and even playing band member Jordan's guitar as he held it out for them. Such an insane lineup! It was quite a night!

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