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Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Earth Music Hall: Not quite deja vu

Blur? Detour? It seems like this place changes looks and names as often as Lady Gaga changes outfits. Well, maybe not that often. I've got to admit, though: I love this place's latest look! New Earth Music Hall has got a certain classiness to it that its previous incarnations lacked. Lovely murals adorn the walls, and the main room's shaded lighting sets the tone for a night of just about any type of entertainment. Regulars from this place's past will notice that a small slice of the former stage is now a starred room for performers only. Every venue needs a backstage area, after all! Never fear, though. New Earth's spacious dance floor still faces a rather large raised stage with a miniature thrust stage in the center, perfect for performers to get up close and personal with their fans. A towering DJ box that sits right beside the stage completes the performance space.

Time for a drink? New Earth's definitely got you covered as far as that goes. Its extensive full bar lines an entire wall of the venue! And, of course, after a while you'll be wondering about the restrooms. Well, fear not! The bathrooms here are some of the cleanest-looking ones I've seen in an Athens venue.

Want to just relax for a bit? You've got several choices at New Earth. Inside, they knocked down one of Blur's old walls to create a nice sitting area that provides an excellent view of the action onstage. And, if you make your way through the doors on the side of the venue and up some steps, you'll find yourself on a very large deck, ideal for dancing the night away outside or just chilling. As far as remodels go, I give New Earth two thumbs up.

New Earth Music Hall at a glance:

Ages: All ages events take place during the day!
18 to 20 are generally welcome at night; 21 & up usually get a cheaper price.

Cost: Varies depending on the band/event

Venue Website:

Venue Phone Number: 706-543-8283

Venue location & Google Map: 227 W. Dougherty Street, Athens, Georgia 30601

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Reviews of recent concerts/events at New Earth Music Hall:
Aman Amun

Have any thoughts of your own about this venue? Dying to know something specific that I didn't mention? Be sure to comment below! Also, to read about all of the venues I've reviewed, visit my venues page!


  1. Your review seems to be a little old. They have remodeled even more over the last few weeks. Bar has moved to the back, and no more pool table.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! That's Athens, isn't it... ever-changing! :)

  3. Kiss ass much? lol The place is horrible. Shit employees, boring entertainment. Well unless your cracked out on something, probably won't be boring. The owners are such poser douche bags as well.

  4. I only write about the places I actually like. I'm sorry that you must have had a bad experience there or something, but from what I've seen, it's one of the nicer, better-kept venues in Athens. As far as the entertainment provided there, I review all shows independently from the venues. If you don't like their shows, don't go.