Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going wild at Athfest... Be back soon!

We're currently making the most of this rockin' festival, but check back soon for posts, pictures, and video all about Athfest 2013!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Athfest 2013: EoA's Guide to Athfest: Awards show tonight!

Ever been to the Grammys? Probably not, right? Well, don't miss your chance to be a part of Athens' own ridiculous version of the Grammys, the Flagpole Athens Music Awards! Here's your chance to don some classy attire (or really anything hanging in your closet that you've always wanted a chance to wear, be it a bloodstained t-shirt or a glittery banana hammock - hey, it's been done!) and make some bets on which bands will go home with the coveted Flagpole statue. Plus you'll also get to catch short sets from the ever-talented T. Hardy Morris, sweet tunemakers Dream Boat,  rappers Jubee and the Morning After, and many more! All you need to do is get yourself to the Morton Theatre tonight at 7:30 PM with $5 in hand ($10 if you haven't got a wristband). You'll even be able to pick up your wristbands right outside the venue.

Trust me, you won't want to miss out on a second of the insanity that is the Flagpole Athens Music Awards!

And, if you haven't already, be sure to follow Echoreyn of Athens on Twitter for up-to-the-minute details on all of the award show craziness and Athfest excitement! Also, you can 'like' us on Facebook for even more info about all the bands we'll catch at Athfest. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel after the festival ends for some rockin' videos of live performances and the annual Echoreyn of Athens Athfest Video Diary as well.

Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens

See you at Athfest, my friends! And, hey, if you happen to spot me downtown, don't hesitate to say hello. Don't be a stranger! :) This year's festival is going to be wild. Athfest 2013, here we come!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Athfest 2013: EoA's Guide to Athfest: Kristen's Concert Picks Special Edition

Every year, I tackle the mission of narrowing down the massive 150+ list of bands rockin' Athfest to make my schedule of sets to see.  Determined not to miss a single incredible tune, I sample every band online to find the best of the best. Of course, I hardly expect anyone else to be as insane as I am.  That's why, this time around, I'm giving you a list of tried and true favorites that you've just got to catch in action!

Thurs, June 21:

Flagpole Athens Music Awards @ 7:30 PM @ Morton Theater
For me, Athfest always begins with the Flagpole Athens Music Awards! I'll give you more info about this show tomorrow, so stay tuned.

MAXfext @ 8:30 PM @ MAX
Catch an awesome lineup of bands including Yo Soybean, Sam Sniper, and Holy Liars at MAXfest.  And, can you believe it, the whole show is FREE.  Definitely a wild way to usher in the festival!

Fri, June 22:

The Warm Fuzzies @ 5:45 PM @ Hull Street Stage
The Warm Fuzzies are all about fun!  Get your Friday afternoon Athfest on with their hilarious set of tunes.

Modern Skirts @ 9:00 PM @ Pulaski Street Stage
This is it, guys.  THE FINAL SHOW OF THE MODERN SKIRTS!  Yeah, it's that big of a deal.  Sing along to your longtime favorite tunes as they bid a fond farewell to their incredible run.

Betsy Kingston and the Crowns @ 11:00 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
Passion is the name of the game with Betsy Kingston and the Crowns.  If you like intense southern rock, this is your band!

Yip Deceiver @ 11:15 PM @ Georgia Theatre
If you're a fan of Of Montreal, you'll love Yip Deceiver.  These guys know how to throw down and party!

Dream Boat @ 11:15 PM @ World Famous
Dream Boat's soft acoustic sweetness will caress your ears and flow into your being.  What a delicious experience!

Thayer Sarrano @ 12:00 AM @ Caledonia Lounge
You'll be blown away by Thayer Sarrano's beautiful voice!

Reptar @ 12:30 AM @ Georgia Theatre
Current rulers of the Athens music scene, Reptar is always a good time. You just can't help but go wild when these guys step onstage.  If you haven't experienced one of their shows yet, don't miss your chance to see what all of the hype is about!

Sat, June 23:

Sam Sniper @ 5:30 PM @ Hull Street Stage
These unique folk rockers are always worth a listen.  Check 'em out!

The Skipperdees @ 8 PM @ Melting Point
The ever-talented Skipperdees weave together strings and vocals to create an unbelievable soft and twangy style!

Kenney Blackmon String Band @ 9 PM @ Melting Point
I have yet to see this band in action, but if their songs online are any indication, their fiddle-driven tunes are nothing short of amazing!

Feather Trade @ 9 PM @ Go Bar
Feather Trade's got a dark rock sound like no other.  Fill you ears with their rockin' songs!

Bambara @ 12 AM @ Caledonia Lounge
You knew it was coming. Blog favorite Bambara returns to the Ath-town once more to give us that limitless noise rock sound we've been craving!  They may be Brooklyn boys now, but they know Athens is always pumped to let them melt our faces off with their tunes again.

Sun, June 24:

Dangfly! @ 4:00 PM @ Hull Street Stage
I've heard nothing but awesome things about Dangfly!  Judging from their sound online, the band's use of the strings sets their indie rock style apart from the rest.

Lera Lynn @ 5:45 PM @ Pulaski Street Stage
Lera Lynn's powerful voice and indie folk rock combine to make every show of hers just spectacular!

Want to see these show picks on the go?  If you're bringing your smartphone or tablet along with you, our site is mobile-friendly, so don't hesitate to click on over here for some show suggestions during the festival as well!

** Remember: exploration is key. I encourage you to check out all the bands you can find at Athfest 2013. Let this list just serve as a starting point to help keep you from getting lost in the massive sea of sights and mind-blowing sounds!

Also, we've got videos from Athfests past of many of these bands up on our Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel if you want to get a feel for their sound. And hey, if you like what you see, feel free to subscribe! We'll be putting up footage from some of the best shows we see at Athfest this year once the festival ends.

Stay tuned for our final Athfest 2013 Guide coming tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Athfest 2013: EoA's Guide to Athfest: Things to Bring

Echoreyn of Athens' Guide to Athfest
Things to Bring
  • Sunscreen
- It gets hot out there (this year's temperatures are around the high 80s!), so be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of it, the higher the SPF, the better. You might also consider bringing along a hat. After all, tunes are no fun when you're burned to a crisp!

  • Sunglasses
- At Athfest, the sun will make its greatest effort to try to blind you and keep you from seeing all of the awesome acts rocking the outdoor stages.  Don't let the sun win.  Bring along a pair of shades!  Without fail, I forget to bring these every year, and there's never a day at the festival when I don't wish I had them with me.

  • Water (and other hydrating drinks)
- Dehydration is a serious problem in Athfest-level heat, so make sure to keep yourself stocked with plenty of liquids especially since drinks bought at the festival can be pretty expensive. Also, if you're feeling overheated, be sure to step into some shops or seek out some shade. Rumor has it, there may even be a shaded wristband-only spot to hang in this year.  Either way, don't spend the whole day in the sun!  I've had heat stroke at least once at every Athfest I've attended, and trust me, it's no picnic.

  • A Raincoat or Umbrella
- It is practically a guarantee that it's going to rain at some point during Athfest, (heck, two years ago we witnessed a storm was so memorable, we wrote several entries about it) so be sure to come prepared. Since all of the shows during the day are outdoors, it's a very likely possibility that you will get wet. Also, if you're on Twitter, you should most certainly follow @athensgaweather for up-to-date and in-depth weather details.

  • Snacks
- If you'll be spending all day at the festival, you'll need more than just the free samples you collect from the booths to keep you on your feet. Bring along a sandwich or some energy bars for the road.

  • Money
- Chances are, you'll find a band whose tunes you just love. Or maybe, something in one of the artists' booths will catch your eye. Or hey, perhaps you'll be craving a bit more food and drink than you brought with you. No matter what, you'll need to remember to bring some cash so that that CD, t-shirt, or snow-cone can be yours!

  • Wristband and ID
- If you're participating in the nighttime venue crawl, this one's a must! In fact, some venues won't let you in at all without one.  I suggest keeping your wristband on throughout the weekend (it's waterproof) or attaching it to something you'll always bring with you, like a purse or wallet.

  • Schedule of Bands You Want to See
- Make a list of bands you're dying to catch in action along with all the info on where and when they're playing so that you can make the most of your Athfest experience! Not sure which of the almost 200 bands you should go see? Check back tomorrow for Echoreyn of Athens' Athfest show picks list!

  • Map
Can't figure out which venue is which?  Worried you'll get lost making your way from show to show? Nab yourself a copy of this year's festival map right here!

  • Phone
- If you come to Athfest with friends, chances are you'll want to split up at some point to catch different bands or take breaks from the heat in some of the air-conditioned shops downtown. Don't forget your phone so that you can catch up with them again later! Also, you can follow us at @echoreyn on Twitter and get all kinds of Athfest updates and special tips straight to your phone as well.

  • Camera
- Athfest is a wild, awesome, and incredible experience! Bring along a camera to capture your favorite memories of the weekend.

And most importantly, bring a sense of fun and get ready to rock!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Athfest 2013: EoA's Guide to Athfest: Intro

Bands are gathering to rock stages all over town, artists are prepping their wares... That's right.  It's time for Athfest 2013, Athens' biggest celebration of music and art!  All the madness goes down this week.  Dying to make the most of the wild festival?

Well, for the third year in a row, we present...

Echoreyn of Athens' Guide to Athfest 

 What is Athfest? 
Here's the lowdown on the festival for those new to this scene. More than 150 bands will fill our town with their tunes throughout the massive show which spans this entire weekend from late Friday afternoon through early Sunday evening. Two outdoor stages, which sit at the Washington St. intersections of Hull St. and Pulaski St., will feature band after awesome band throughout the daylight hours, and best of all, this part of the festival is completely free! Also, during the day, there will be shows and activities just for kids at Kidsfest which will take place between the Washington St. parking deck and Morton Theatre. Plus, there will be booths showing off the creations of some of Athens' most talented artists lining the streets of the festival. At night, venues all over town will host unbelievable lineups of bands for the 18 and up (and sometimes 21 and up) crowd provided they've purchased an Athfest wristband. This year, many of the venues will be strictly wristband only, so get one for yourself now for just $20 right here (or you can purchase one during the festival itself). For more general Athfest info, you can check out their official site here.

 Athfest tidbits 
Ok, now let's get to the fun stuff. If you're coming to the festival armed with a smartphone or tablet, later this week you'll be able to access our Athfest 2013 Edition of show picks right here!

And remember those Flagpole Athens Music Awards you voted for a few weeks ago? Well, now you can check out the top nominees in each category to see if your favorites made it to the list. And don't forget to make your way over to the Morton Theatre at 7:30 PM on Thursday evening for the big awards show!

 We'll be posting even more Athfest info every day of this week including our picks for must-see shows and a list of things all music fans should remember to bring.  To make sure you don't miss a single post, be sure to 'like' our page over on Facebook, and tell your friends about Echoreyn of Athens too!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kristen's Concert Picks: June spices things up!

June is when loads of amazing bands journey to Athens to rock stages all over town. Athfest will be blasting our ears with awesome sounds near the end of the month, but that's not the only incredible show in store for us!

Sat, June 1: Athfest CD release party @ 8:00 PM @ The World Famous
Nearly everything in June has a bit of Athfest flavor to it, so there's no better way to kick off the month than with this year's CD release party at the World Famous!

Sat, June 1: Madeline @ 9:00 PM @ Flicker Theatre
Don't miss your chance to get a taste of Madeline's dark southern melodies at Flicker Theatre!

Mon, June 3: Ruby the Rabbitfoot & Cicada Rhythm @ 6:00 PM @ Little Kings Shuffle Club
With a lineup featuring both Ruby the Rabbitfoot and Cicada Rhythm, this show is sure to be a delightfully sweet treat for the senses!

Mondays in June: Kenosha Kid @ 8:00 PM @ The World Famous
One of the best jazz bands in Athens, Kenosha Kid continues their Monday residency at the World Famous this month!

Tues, June 4: Thayer Sarrano @ 7:00 PM @ State Botanical Garden
There's no doubt you'll fall in love with Thayer Sarrano's soft spoken song style.  What a perfect choice for a show at the Botanical Gardens!

Wed, June 5: Modern Skirts @ 8:00 PM @ Hendershot's Coffee Bar
Dying to catch as many Modern Skirts shows as possible before they rock their final stage at Athfest?  Well then, you're in luck.  The longtime Athens darlings will be playing another set earlier in the month at Hendershot's!

Thurs, June 6: Adron @ 10:30 PM @ Green Room
A touch of jazz flows through Adron's melodies, shaping her sound into one tailor made for vacations and relaxation.

Sat, June 8: Kyshona Armstrong @ 9:00 PM @ The World Famous
It's been a few years since I first heard Kyshona Armstrong live, and I still can't get over her powerful, soul-filled sound.  Check out her tunes at the World Famous!

Mon, June 10: The Skipperdees & Boycycle @ 8:00 PM @ Melting Point
You'll be in for a good old southern potluck of talent at the Athfest sampler Hoot over at the Melting Point.  Don't miss the quality folk tunes of the Skipperdees and the indescribable experience that is Boycycle's style!

Thurs, June 13: Efren @ 8:00 PM @ Georgia Theatre
With a hearty serving of folk rock and a side of southern grit, Efren's tunes will take you on a ride!

Sat, June 15: Sprockets Music Video Festival @ 8:00 PM @ 40 Watt 
A visual feast for the eyes awaits all who attend Sprockets Music Video Festival.  If you want to help choose which ones were the best of the best this year, this is the event for you!

Sat, June 15: Powerkompany, Cicada Rhythm @ 9:30 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
The lilting Cicada Rhythm is back for another show, this time with the string-led, ethereal Powerkompany!

Sat, June 15: Powder Room @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge 
Longtime readers of the blog know just how much I love noise rock, and the Powder Room fits this bill to perfection!

Sat, June 15: Death on Two Wheels @ 11:00 PM @ Green Room 
It's been a while since I've caught heavy rockers Death on Two Wheels in action, and it'll be great to catch 'em live again!

Thurs, June 20: Flagpole Athens Music Awards @ 6:00 PM @ Morton Theatre
Start off your Athfest experience with Athens' own awards show celebrating the bands, the talents, and the utter uniqueness of our little town!

Thurs, June 20: Brothers @ 9:30 PM @ 40 Watt 
Once the Flagpole Athens Music Awards show ends, make the most of the night before the official festival begins at the Athfest Kickoff Party featuring the rockin' band Brothers. 

Fri - Sun, June 21 - 23: Athfest 2013 @ 5:00 PM @ All over Athens
Athfest 2013 is here!  If you've never been to Athens' biggest music festival, you definitely won't want to miss this one.  Hundreds of incredible bands will be playing all over town, and you're sure to have a wild time you'll never forget.  During the day, you can catch a rad outdoor lineup, and during the night, the venues come alive with every sound and style imaginable.  All you'll need is a wristband (which you can purchase here) to make the most of this amazing experience!

Fri, June 28: Tealvox @ 9:00 PM @ 40 Watt 
Finish out the month with one of my longtime favorites, the ever-talented Tealvox.  These rockers will blow you away!

This month is practically guaranteed to be spectacular!  I mean, look at all of the awesome shows in store for us on the 15th alone. Wild!  And that's not all.  In a few weeks, we'll be posting a special Athfest show picks list just for this year's incredible festival.  Got another local show in mind that's got you pumped?  Be sure to share all the deets in the comments below. Get ready to rock, my friends!