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About Echoreyn

How can you contact Echoreyn of Athens?
The best way to get in touch is by email:
Keep in mind that this blog is no longer active, and I am not taking new submissions. However, I still check the account from time to time, so if you need to get in touch for another reason related to this blog, feel free to send me a message.

So who is Echoreyn of Athens anyway? 
Echoreyn is the most well-known pseudonym of Athens music enthusiast Kristen Danch-Powell.  She began discovering the scene for herself in mid-2008, and began this blog in 2009 as a record of her experiences.  She tends to favor bands and musical acts that are more unique, that stand out in a sea of average bands, and that strive to put on a live show that can be described as an all-encompassing and unforgettable experience rather than just a performance.  She celebrates the creation of brand new bands as well as the personal discovery of those that are already well-established, especially those with connections to the music scenes of Athens and Atlanta, Georgia.  An alumna of the University of Georgia, local music is not her only passion.  She thrives in the world of online social media, enjoys developing websites and mobile apps, loves creating videos including 2D and 3D animations, and adores writing anything and everything from novels to song lyrics.

See Kristen's LinkedIn profile here!

Who else is involved with Echoreyn of Athens?
Echoreyn of Athens is a place for all friends and fans of the music scene!  From guest bloggers to photographers, we love bringing all our pals along for our shenanigans.  Here are some of our favorite past collaborators:

Sheila Vedala: As the chief officer of moral support and assistant photographer/ videographer for countless shows including Athfest 2009, Sheila is often the other person in the Echoreyn of Athens use of the royal "we."  Also, her taste in Athens and Atlanta tunes is undeniably exquisite.  

Page Walker: Page is our photographer extraordinaire.  If you see any professional grade pictures on this site, take a peek at the credits.  She's probably the one who took them.  Too cool.

Elizabeth Boyd:  On a few occasions, we've been lucky enough to have guest blogger Elizabeth write a  show review or two for us.  This girl has got skills!  Beyond writing the occasional blog for us, she's also written for WUOG 90.5's blog and guest djayed for the radio station as well.

Andy M.: Our newest friend of the blog, his enthusiasm for the scene is just contagious!  Look out for our upcoming collaborations with him, coming soon.

LeeAnne G.:  Who loves videos?  Well, our videographer LeeAnne does, that's for sure!  Many of the videos from late 2010 up on the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel are there thanks to LeeAnne's fancy camera work.

Kole B.:  There's no question about it... Kole can't get enough ska!  You could probably even say he is singlehandedly responsible for bringing the ska sound to Athens in recent years.  When we needed a piece done on ska music, there was no better person to write it!

Where does the name Echoreyn come from?
Pronounced as a combination of the words "echo" and "rain," Echoreyn is a name Kristen created while she was brainstorming character names for a novel she was writing at the time.  Echo is taken from the Greek myth of Echo and Narcissus and Reyn is derived from the Spanish Reyna.  Essentially, Echoreyn means "Queen of the Echoes."

Wanna take a peek at our old blog bio?  You can still see it right here.