Friday, September 30, 2011

Kristen's Concert Picks: October creeps in with some spectacular songs!

The sweet smell of pumpkins and candy corn wafts through the air on the wings of a cool breeze. Leaves dress themselves in reds and golds as whispers of Fall echo in the dusk. October has arrived indeed, and the month comes bearing musical treats of all kinds!

Sat, Oct 1: Efren @ 10 PM @ Farm 255
Efren's gritty and honest take on folk rock is a refreshing way to start off the month. It'll be wonderful to hear their melodies again!

Thu, Oct 6: Kyshona Armstrong @ 8:30 PM @ Flicker
Don't miss your chance to catch Kyshona Armstrong's powerful and soulful vocals over at the Flicker Theater!

Thu, Oct 6: Shallow Palace & Sleepy Eye Giant @ 6 PM @ Max
I caught both of these bands a while back when they played with Misfortune500, and I just loved their rockin' sound. Trust me, you'll want to see 'em too!

Fri, Oct 7: Monahan & Ruby Kendrick @ 5:30 PM @ Nuçi's Space
Take Monahan's great indie rock with a southern flair, add Ruby Kendrick's soft and sweet melodies, and put them together in a lineup at Nuçi's Space, and you've got one awesome show!

Fri, Oct 7: Manray @ 10 PM @ Little Kings Shuffle Club
The dark, melodic rock of Manray is sure to blow you away. Check 'em out over at Little Kings!

Sat, Oct 8: Hope for Agoldensummer @ 8 PM @ Hendershots
In the mood for a few sweet melodies? Then Hope for Agoldensummer's your band!

Fri, Oct 14: Betsy Franck @ 9 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
Powerful songstress Betsy Franck is taking the stage again to give us more awesome southern rock tunes! Nice.

Wed - Sat, Oct 12-15: Popfest @ 1 PM @ Caledonia
Dying for another incredible festival? Then you're in luck! Popfest, a four-day event full of amazing bands, is taking over the Caledonia in the middle of the month. Some of our favorites on the lineup are Gold Party, Easter Island, Gift Horse, Buxton, Ruby Kendrick, and Viking Progress. Enjoy!

Wed - Sat, Oct 12-15: Popfest @ 7 PM @ 40 Watt
Guess what! Popfest isn't just confined to the Caledonia either. 40 Watt's got their share awesome bands playing as well. Our favorite will probably be rocker Madeline's set on Friday!

Sat, Oct 15: Abbey Road Live @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Looking for something to satisfy your inner Beatles fan? Then this cover band was made for you! At the ever-incredible Georgia Theatre, you can soak in the sounds of Abbey Road Live.

Thu, Oct 20: Sam Sniper @ 8 PM @ WUOG
On the radio again! Sam Sniper's unique style of rebellious folk rock is an absolute must. Listen in!

Fri, Oct 21: Lazer/Wulf @ 8 PM @ Caledonia
If dark, instrumental metal is the sound you've been seeking, look no further than Lazer/Wulf!

Fri, Oct 21: Efren, Charlie Garrett Band @ 8:30 PM @ the Melting Point
Folk rocker Efren's back for another show this October, and the Charlie Garrett band joins them with their own quality southern rock tunes! Excellent.

Sat, Oct 22: Dead Confederate @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Dead Confederate! Their thousands of fans can attest to the fact that their dark, southern rock is unequalled. See 'em and fall in love with 'em just like I do every time they play!

Fri, Oct 28: Jason Isbell @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Headliners at the last Athfest, Jason Isbell returns to Athens for another round of great tunes!

Sat, Oct 29: Wild Rumpus afterparty @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Halloween is Athens' holiday, and we celebrate it in a huge, ridiculous way! Don't miss the annual Wild Rumpus Parade through the streets of town, and then be sure to catch Packway Handle Band, Kite to the Moon, and much more at the Georgia Theatre afterparty!

Sat, Oct 29: Of Montreal @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
Another helping of Of Montreal? How did we get to be so lucky! Since a regular show with this band features insane costumes and tricks on any old day, you'd better believe a show this close to Halloween will be nothing less than spectacular! Buy your tickets early!

Mon, Oct 31: STS9 @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Speaking of big shows, this one's going to be huge! Now, I've never seen STS9 myself, but judging from the reactions I've seen, this is definitely big news. What a Halloween we'll get this year!

Wow, I'm extremely excited for all of the amazing shows October has in store for us! As always, if you know of another Athens show that's going to rock everyone's faces off this month, let the world know about it in the comments. Also, don't forget to click the "Monthly Concert Picks" button above to see any updates we'll add to this list as the weeks go by. See you guys, gals, and ghouls around the scene!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Music Midtown 2011: Coldplay leaves us nearly speechless

Coldplay. It was the one word dancing across everybody's lips. The crowd was rife with joyful anticipation, and echoing cheers erupted the second the roadies stepped onstage to set up. About an hour before the band's set was scheduled to begin, the fans suddenly burst into song, the melody of Viva La Vida issuing forth from the crowd in unison. My friend Jordan and I turned to each other in awe, and at that moment, I knew that this show would truly be like nothing I had ever experienced or even imagined before.

Heralding Coldplay's grand entrance, the music heard before the "feature presentation" at movie theaters blasted through the giant speakers. Then golden fireworks exploded into the air as huge balloons of many colors bounced and flew over the heads of the fans. As the band hit its first note, colorful lasers wove and spread overhead. Even if I could have been heard over the near 40,000 people that stood behind us, I would have been speechless. The beauty and the spectacle of it all was just astounding! And there we were, in the very front row, drinking it all in.

Filled with yellow light, the stage shined in the darkness as they fittingly played their hit Yellow. A few tunes later, frontman Chris Martin suggested that the fans join in to "do one together if that's alright with you," launching into Nobody Said It Was Easy. The fans responded eagerly as voices all across the park rose up in unison to sing the song. Coldplay soon followed this with a cover of R.E.M.'s Everybody Hurts in honor of their recent breakup. Tears filled the eyes of many in the crowd as they played the tribute to this band from our very own town that they dearly loved as well.

Honestly, I couldn't believe the love this internationally acclaimed band had for each and every one of their fans and all of those bands that rocked the stage with them too. Singer Chris even managed to slip shoutouts to the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant into their song Politik. As the beat of the drums and the powerful bass vibrated through every part of my body during their set, I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The lights, the sounds, the joy... I was just in shock from it all. Much too soon, the band left the stage, but we all knew they'd be back. To lure them out for the inevitable encore, the fans surprised me once again. Rather than yelling for it or merely cheering, they joined together and, in one voice, sang the melody of Viva La Vida once more. Overcome by the beauty of this, I merely listened to them, amazed and utterly content. Not a minute went by before Coldplay was back yet again, to finish out the night with a cover of Georgia On My Mind which flowed seamlessly into their final tunes.

Music Midtown was, without a doubt, one of the coolest, most unbelievable experiences I've ever been lucky enough to have. What a mind-blowingly amazing night!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music Midtown 2011: The Black Keys blow us away

As the cool air of dusk wafted over the eager crowd, the many thousands of fans that filled Piedmont Park squeezed together, buzzing with excitement. While we waited, two giant inflatables - a tree and a gargantuan tire - emerged from the stage. Then beach balls flew into the audience as the Black Keys stepped out to begin their set. Flavored with blues and funk elements, the band's rock sound permeated the park as their incredible energy inspired everyone in the crowd to move to the beat. Once they had finished their first song, the cheering began. Now, I've been to hundreds of concerts and shows over the past few years, but never have I experienced anything like this. The cheering was just deafening, like a massive tornado blasting through the crowd. I was in pure awe of the Black Keys' power. Between an intense drum/guitar mid-song jam session and their performance of the hit Tighten Up which had the fans singing along gleefully, the audience was absolutely absorbed in their set from start to finish. It was purely amazing!

When the band had played their final note, my friend Jordan and I turned around to find that we were completely caged in for the hour wait until Coldplay would take the stage. There were masses of people as far as we could see in every direction, and although I had really wanted to catch Cage the Elephant's set, barring teleportation there was just no way I was getting past those thousands of fans, much less getting back to my spot after they had finished. Luck was still with me that day, though, and I was able to hear many of the songs from all the way across the park. Best of all, the crowd by the main stage grew quiet just to listen as they played Back Against the Wall, one of my favorites of their tunes. Truly, even from as far away as I was, Cage the Elephant sounded amazing!

Even now, days later, I can't believe how incredible this whole day was... and the big finale with Coldplay was still yet to come!

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Music Midtown 2011: The Joy Formidable and Manchester Orchestra own the stage

Now matter how hard you try, festivals like these will always give you an awkward sunburn. Always. But Music Midtown was definitely worth the scorching heat!

As 3 PM rolled around, my friend Jordan and I could hear the faint sounds of Walk the Moon playing the other stage while we alternated between searching for sustenance and staking our claim on our chosen spot near the main stage. Moments later, an ever growing crowd of thousands gathered behind us for the Joy Formidable's first tune. Having never heard of the Welsh rockers, I was quite curious about them, particularly when a large group of fans began gleefully discussing them and trying to get the attention of their roadies before the start of the set. Suddenly, an old time music track began to play as the band members appeared, garnering thunderous applause from the massive crowd. Within seconds, the band was owning the stage with their strong rock sound and edgy appeal. Their incredibly charismatic female lead vocalist Ritzy threw herself into every song, and the guys followed suit, simply going wild onstage. The crowd just ate it all up. Cheers rang out throughout their set, especially when bassist Rhydian sang a bit in a high falsetto voice, and it soon became clear that many of the fans up front were there just for this band. One fan had even crafted a "Keep Calm and Rock On" sign featuring Queen Elizabeth and the Union Jack flag for the band although, as the members pointed out, they're from North Wales which is not quite the same as Britain. Then, to finish out their show, the Joy Formidable members threw and smashed their instruments as one could only expect from such rockstars. Quite a show!

Once the band had finished, I embraced the chance to stretch my legs and check out Band of Skulls over on the stage across the way. I didn't have to wait long before they rocked their well-known song Light of the Morning, heard on this year's Ford Mustang commercials and the Hangover 2 trailers. It's always cool to see the bands behind those songs that you can't help but know play live!

Then it was time to secure my place in front of the main stage once more for Manchester Orchestra. The last time I saw these guys was at my very first music festival, Summerfest, the very same festival, in fact, where I discovered the music of the Constellations. Now, two years later, Manchester Orchestra's sound seemed a bit harder and darker than I remember, but their fans still knew all the words to their songs just as they did back then. From the very first tune, people were mouthing along with the lyrics to old favorites like Everything to Nothing and a few newer songs as well. Some fans were even fistpumping to the tunes. The image that truly stuck with me, though, was that of nearly every fan in the front row texting their friends about the show at the same time. Oh, this modern age!

Wow, I can't believe I'd already seen so many awesome bands, and the show was barely halfway through! As the crowd continued to grow, I eagerly awaited the experiences to come.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Midtown 2011: The Constellations rock the park

I never even imagined that I'd actually get to go to Music Midtown. Since the massive, annual mid-Atlanta festival disappeared six years ago, it was barely a blip on my radar until I discovered that longtime blog favorite the Constellations would be rockin' the stage for the event's return this year. Then to my utter surprise, thanks to the TV show Better Mornings Atlanta, my penchant for staying up all night, and an extraordinary amount of luck, I found myself collecting two tickets at Will Call on Saturday morning with my friend Jordan of Athens Music Junkie. As we entered the gates, I was positively brimming with excitement for my very first huge concert headlined by an internationally-acclaimed act. Really, though, I had no idea just what an incredible day was in store for me!

The festival was just beginning as Jordan and I stepped onto the soft grass inside Piedmont Park. New York band the Postelles kicked off the concert with some jazzy, fun tunes as they played over on the "Great Southeast Music Hall" stage (which will be known from here on out as the "other" stage). Tons of people had already arrived, staking out their spots and laying down blankets all across the sloping landscape. In front of the "Electric Ballroom" stage (the "main" stage, naturally), people lined the press gate, presumably in anticipation for the unbelievable lineup that was to grace that stage. Jordan and I managed to nab one of the last few open spots beside the gate, getting the momentary added bonus of a hint of shade while we were there.

Then, just before two, it was the Constellations' turn to blast us with their tunes. After a year of yearning to see them again, my dreams were finally fulfilled as they leapt onstage. Immediately launching into their awesome song Love is a Murder, they pumped up the sea of fans with their energy. Indeed, their dark yet dance-inducing, psych rock sound and one-of-a-kind style never fail to be crowd-pleasers, and the thousands already in attendance clapped along joyfully as they played. The band served up a set full of big hits and more than a few brand new tunes including the ever-popular and delightfully sexy Felicia, and they even brought up singer Ruby Velle to lend her beautiful voice to their songs. As the sun beat down on the backs of all of the listeners, the Constellations finished their show with the Atlanta-soaked, theatrical tune, Step Right Up while Jamie Gordon, the keyboardist, bounded into the crowd in a radical display of fan love, shocking everyone especially the security guys.

What a performance! I just can't get enough of seeing these guys in action. And who could have guessed that this would just be the beginning of the mind-blowing experiences that I would have at Music Midtown? Purely incredible!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Off to Music Midtown... Be back soon!

Really, I've just barely passed the age of 3 in music scene experience years so I'm always on the lookout for more exciting events to enjoy and shows to see. While it's true that I grew up hearing the words "music midtown, " until recently I didn't really know what they meant, and so, most tragically, I never had the chance to attend Atlanta's own celebration of tunes. Now, by some stroke of incredible luck, I've got tickets to Saturday's show where the lineup includes blog favorite the Constellations as well as the bands Manchester Orchestra, Coldplay, and so many more! Stay tuned for reviews from the show coming next week.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and hey, if you're planning to go to this year's Music Midtown too, I can't wait to see you there!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Echoreyn of Athens finally gets a Tumblr!

If you like to get your Athens music tidbits in picture and video form with the occasional blurb or unrelated whimsy sprinkled in, this one's for you!

You see, it recently came to my attention that the only thing missing in my life was a Tumblr account. Eager to fill this apparent hole in my existence, I naturally signed up for one right away. A few months later, I've decided that tumblr-ing (is that what they call it?) is actually kind of fun, so I thought I'd share my side blog with the rest of you cool kids too. Introducing Echoreyn of Athens: After Hours! It's like this blog but more casual, more laidback, and quite a bit more ridiculous. Don't be shy... Join the afterparty!

And hey, why just stop there? For even more playful Athens music tumblr-ing, I suggest you check out Athens Music Junkie's Tumblr too. Whenever I'm procrastinating, it's always one of my favorite hangouts, for sure.

Don't have a Tumblr? Well, luckily you don't need one to enjoy all of the insanity! And, as always, you can join us for more of our complete coverage of the scene on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube too. Hope you're rockin' our town in every way that you can, my friends!

Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens

Friday, September 16, 2011

Echoreview: Grey Milk's Nocturnal EP

Currently based out of Athens, GA, Grey Milk is a wonderfully unique music project with an ever-varying lineup of members headed by Jesse Houle. In its several years of existence, the band has released multiple records, and its soft indie folk style, acoustic sound, and raw vocals pervade each one of these albums including their brand new EP Nocturnal. This latest release in particular seems to hearken to a time spent outdoors in the peaceful countryside.

The EP begins with the darkly-titled Gathering Your Bones, a very indie melody with a bit of a southern feel that blends with soft vocals reminiscent of hooting owls. Fittingly, this tune ends with the sounds of the night that melt into So Long, the first of the upbeat offerings on this album. Listening to this track, I felt like I was a guest at a country gathering as dusk settles in and the glow of the campfire dances playfully across everyone's faces.

Next, Glow washes in, a soft and sweet, very unique song strengthened by a hint of bass. With snaps as percussion in the background, this quickly became my one of my favorites on the album. Then the Answer, another quirky upbeat tune, bounces onto the record. Sung as a sort of round and finishing with a purely a capella ending, I was blown away by the creativity in this track.

The final piece of music on the album is Satellites and Sanitariums. This guitar-filled stroll, if a bit cheesy with its naming of various cities around the United States, builds to quite a strong climax before fading into one of my favorite lyrics, 'Living the way we do doesn't make sense to most people... but it doesn't have to." These words lead perfectly into Spring Nocturne, a track of night sounds that fill the air as the animals that thrive in darkness come out to play. Voices and footsteps along with the distant whistle of a train tenderly carry the listener back into civilization as the album ends.

Truly, this is the perfect CD to listen to as you relax outdoors on a comfortable night. Want to check out this EP for yourself? You can listen to, download, and buy Nocturnal right here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Immerse yourself in the madness!

In our final Of Montreal post of the month, we give you videos! If reading about all of the insanity just isn't enough, now you can all fully immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the experience. The first video is live footage from their performance of "The Party's Crashing Us," a fitting song indeed for all of the excitement and action onstage.

The next video is footage from their performance of the well-loved "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games." Enjoy!

As always, for more videos of bands rockin' stages all over town, check out Echoreyn of Athens' YouTube channel here!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feast your eyes!

It's that time again... time to celebrate the awesome sights we've seen around the scene! Undoubtably, some of the most mind-blowingly incredible images we have up on the Echoreyn of Athens Facebook page right now are from the unbelievable Of Montreal show at the Georgia Theatre. But that's not all. We've also got pictures of the Gold Party, Yip Deceiver, Brothers, and many more, so don't hesitate to make your way over to our page and check 'em out! A few of our very favorites are below.

The power of the angel

Sir Kevin Barnes

Overdramatic swine

Navigating the sea of people

To see the entire album of over 50 brand new pictures, click here! And hey, if you like our page, be sure to let us know.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For the love of the Georgia Theatre

Up until last Thursday, I had never set foot in the Georgia Theatre. It's hard to believe, I know. See, I was still brand new to the Athens music scene in 2009, and my very first Athfest was on the horizon. There, on my schedule, were several events and shows slated to take place at the theatre, and I was practically bursting with excitement for them all. Then, just days before Athfest began, the people of Athens were shocked to see the theatre go up in flames, leaving just a darkened, hollowed out shell of what it had once been. Feeling like a bit of an outsider, I too mourned for the city's great loss as best I could, yet I couldn't help but wonder if, just like after the death of a celebrity, the great love expressed for the theatre was the result of its sudden and tragic notoriety. I mean, I knew the history was there. Even bands I'd already seen and loved back then like Venice is Sinking had special ties to the iconic venue. But did it really mean so much to the average hipster on the street?

Then, over two years since the first time I almost had the chance to experience the theatre for myself, I stepped up to the freshly built box office to buy my ticket for Thursday's Of Montreal show. Luck was indeed with me that day as I was one of just a few people who had arrived so early that the doormen decided to let us wait on the rooftop balcony so we could claim our places in front of the stage before the doors opened to the public. After a long ride in a wonderfully spacious elevator, I had my first view of the Athens town from up above. As it was near sunset, some of the views from the various angles atop the theatre were simply stunning. A short while later, it was time to descend the stairs to the main floor of the venue, and on the way down, I caught glimpses of the beautifully designed uppermost floors filled with seating that overlooked the stage.

Once we had finally made our way to the dance floor in front of the stage, I eagerly drank in the sights of the theatre around me. Everything was beautifully and stylistically designed, from the wings that led backstage to the mind-blowingly massive fans that spun overhead. But surrounding us was the darkened, exposed brick that held the history of what this place had been and what memories it still held for the countless people who had fallen in love with the theatre before me.

This love, this passion, that the citizens of Athens have for the Georgia Theatre is real and true and well-deserved. There is some abiding beauty and depth in this place that it maintains and reveals, even in its newest incarnation. I finally understand... and I can truly say now that I, too, love the Georgia Theatre.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Of Montreal: the most deliciously insane dream I've ever had

Thursday night was, without a doubt, a night of remarkable experiences. Not only did I get to see Of Montreal again for the first time in a year and a half, but I also had the chance to step across the threshold of the Georgia Theatre for the first time... ever. Shocking, I know, but it was utterly and completely worth the wait. What a truly unbelievable night!

Now, I'll save my description of the amazing Georgia Theatre for another time as the events of the night were so awe-inspiring, I can hardly do justice to everything in just one post. Suffice it to say, my ridiculous habit of getting to shows much too early finally paid off with this one. Minutes before the masses were let in, a few determined fans and I were lucky enough to find ourselves already at the foot of the stage, fully prepared for the night's festivities. To conserve our energy, we sat under the convenient stage overhang, not budging from our highly coveted (and as past experience has taught us, likely dangerous) positions. To my great surprise and joy, I soon discovered that my particular chosen space was one of the best in the house.

When a cheer arose from the standing crowd, we, the understagelings, emerged from beneath the overhang to claim our spots as the music began. The Gold Party, a band I've seen and enjoyed at many an Athfest, kicked off the show with with their electronic and unique indie tunes. Straight away, they had the crowd bobbing and clapping their hands in time as the band played. About halfway through, guest musicians Karolyn (sporting yet another gorgeous dress - I swear, I am obsessed with her wardrobe) and Andrew of Powerkompany added a lovely taste of the strings to Gold Party's biggest hits. What a great hint of the fun that was to come!

Moments later, the eager, glitter-covered masses greeted the soft, funk-tinged, electro-indie sound of Yip Deceiver. A side project featuring Of Montreal's Davey Pierce, Nicolas Dobbratz, and Clayton Rychlik with Paul Nunn, they knew just how to keep the crowd enthused. Between their hilariously ridiculous banter, their high energy, mood-boosting tunes, and their penchant for rocking the extreme edge of the stage right in front of their fans, the crowd was wild for their style, leaping about with great zeal. Then, to top off all the madness, the lead singer instructed the fans to imagine what he would look like naked before jumping off the stage to sing in the middle of the dance floor packed with people. Utterly awesome, indeed.

After Yip Deceiver finished their set, the sea of fans arrayed in feathers, sequins, and hats in every style awaited the grand finale of the night, the surreal dessert to complete the unbelievable feast of tunes, Of Montreal. Changing it up from the last time I saw them, the band launched immediately into their first tune the moment they stepped onstage, forgoing any sort of fanfare... for a second, at least. Then bright displays of red, white, and blue exploded onto the screen behind them as flag-garbed players danced, leapt, and fought their way onstage. They followed this with their iconic hit, "Wraith Pinned to the Mist [etc]" before tossing ribbons of long balloons and handfuls of glitter into the crowd. As winged birds and angels fluttered through the air, the band members began playing at the very edge of the stages, touching our hands as they wove their unique tunes and lyrics into sustenance for our desiring ears.

Hands down, one of my favorite parts of the show was the defeat of the dragon-like monster. Monster, you ask? I kid you not. During one of the songs, lead singer Kevin Barnes killed a long, many-footed giant of a monster with a bit of fancy swordwork before being subsequently knighted by a man sporting a long white wig. Wow, how's that for unexpected? But that certainly wasn't the last of the surprises. Stripping seemed to be an unofficial theme of the night, with a few glittery caped creatures revealing massive fake boobs beneath their cloaks, bushels of fake money being thrown to the fans, and two girls in tiny little outfits dancing suggestively over the faces of those at the very front of the crowd during a song about a crazy girl. In fact, that particular performance was dripping with lust as Mr. Barnes and the girls simulated a delightfully shocking threesome as he sang. Even better of a moment though, was when, a short while later, he took the hand of a girl three people down from me in the audience and sang just to her as she mouthed the words right back to him. It was quite touching (and for someone who attends as many shows as I do, that's saying something)! Then, after a few pigs showed up, some idol worshipping went down, a wrestling match happened, and a burst of streamers flew threw the air, the show was over... Right? No, of course it wasn't! You can't forget the encore.

Ushered back onstage by what could only be described as skeletal aliens in pajamas, the band began their three song encore set with "For Our Elegant Caste," one of my very favorites. Hey, don't judge me. As the band approached the end of their spectacular musical adventure, fire worshippers pranced around and a raft holding several members of the band floated across the crowd before returning to the stage. Finally, the whole band transferred their powers to their violinist K Ishibashi, who was to play an after-show set, as the members kneeled in awe of his skills.

Wow, I honestly cannot believe that they succeeded in creating an even more surreal and unbelievable show than the one I saw so long ago, but indeed, they surpassed themselves magnificently. Theirs is a live show and an experience and a memory that every band should aspire to create. I'm already dying to see them again!