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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Chapter in the Musical Story

Music is ever-changing. That's one of the aspects of the industry that keeps it exciting! Sometimes these changes include the birth of an entirely new musical act. Other times, though, these changes mean that we must say goodbye to some of the bands and band members that we've come to know and love.

First on my list of farewells today, I must salute local country rock band Royal Blue and the Stone Grifters. Favorites for University Union and blues music events, this band will definitely be missed. I'll also never forget the fact that the members were gracious enough to allow me to host my latest birthday party in the "House of Royal Blue." I wish them all the best of luck for their futures. From what I can gather, David "daveosaurus" Rogers , drummer for the band, will continue to spread musical joy with his other band Blueswater Bridge, so be sure not to miss them in action!

On the other side of the spectrum, there's a new band in town. Dubbed Neptica by their already anxious fans, this band just began their musical journey during the past semester, and they've begun work on a few soon-to-be hits as well. I had the incredible pleasure of foregoing a night of studying to attend one of their very first practices, and I'm ridiculously glad that I did. I look forward to finding out what band creators Adriana, Jeff, Parker, and Paul do with their "newfound skin"!

And finally, one of my favorite local acts, Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings, is saying farewell to their singer/ guitarist Joe Orr. If you've ever heard the amazing harmony of Chris's and Joe's voices in the Critical Darling's hit Rage On, you'll know exactly why this is quite tragic news indeed. If you ask the band members, Joe was abducted by aliens which prompted them to begin searching for replacements. What an explanation! Well, we'll certainly miss Joe, but the ever-positive Chris McKay told me when I last spoke to him that he has high hopes for the future. That's the spirit, Chris! Rage on, everyone. Rage on.


  1. Thank you, Kristen. We'll certainly miss what Joe brought to us these last few years. But I'm intrigued by what is on the way...

    Here's to you! Glad you got to see him with us!


  2. Wow I feel so special! I'm the first mentioned by name :D