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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The Year of Surprises

The lights at the 40 Watt blur to look like musical notes

Wow, can it be over already? But 2009 just started, didn't it? This year has been so incredibly spectacular! I really just can't believe how much has happened. I've gotten to rock out to 83 bands and acts I'd never seen before this year, and that's not to mention the countless other groups that filled my ears with an insatiable desire to hear them again and again. And wait, just think of it... Echoreyn of Athens only just started in April of 2009! That doesn't seem so long ago, but the unbelievable events of the past year say otherwise. This blog has grown so much since then! In fact, I'd say it's time for a little timeline. So here it is!

The Year in Echoreyn of Athens

April 2009: Echoreyn of Athens begins as a humble little blog about my adventures in the Athens music scene.

April 2009: EoA introduces Kristen's Monthly Concert Picks.

June 2009: EoA gets a YouTube channel filled to the brim with show footage.

June 2009: EoA joins Twitter and shares some instant tidbits about the scene. Thanks for following us!

June 2009: Athfest! I cover Athfest like it's my job with a 20 blog blitz of the massive festival.

July 2009: EoA reviews the music venues around town.

September 2009: The Constellations make my night when they rock Tasty World Uptown.

October 2009: Dead Confederate and Meat Puppets join together to blow me away in what may be the greatest show I've ever seen!

October 2009: EoA gets a facebook fan page. Feel free to be a fan!

November 2009: I celebrate my birthday with some of my Echoreyn of Athens pals at an absolutely incredible show with Crumbling Arches and the Ha's Neptica Atlas.

December 2009: Ho Ho Ho... What a Squidmas!

December 2009: New CDs are being released all over the place! It's time for the Echoreview.

Now that is quite something. I'm seriously excited to see what 2010 brings to this little blog!

On a darker note, not all was well in Athens in 2010. I must mention the terribly large number of amazing talents our town has lost this year. Because I am still pretty new to the Athens music scene, I never had the chance to hear or get to know any of these people, but Athens is such a tight knit community that you can't help but feel the profound impact of their loss. They will most definitely be missed. Randy Bewley, Jon Guthrie, Jerry Fuchs, Vic Chesnutt, and so many more... Rest in peace.

But remember, tonight is New Years Eve, and there's no better time to celebrate love, life, and music than the night of fresh starts and new beginnings. And, lucky for us, there are TONS of choices for those of us who want to ring in the new year with style.

Still in Athens? The Constellations will make your night shine at Tasty Wold Uptown with the Incredible Sandwich on the bill as well. In the mood to dance your winter hats off? Krush Girls and DJ Immuzikation will throwdown in Athens' Chase Park Warehouse tonight too. And Deaf Judges will rap it all up at the Caledonia Lounge.

Down in the ATL? Athens' darlings The Modern Skirts and Five Eight will be rockin' Smith's Olde Bar all night. For some hardcore insanity, don't miss the Black Lips' takeover of the EARL (if you can still manage to grab yourself some tickets, that is). Me? I'll be dancing wildly in Underground Atlanta to the tunes of the unspeakably awesome pop rock band Stellate. I can't wait!

Happy New Year, my friends! Check back often in 2010 for journals of rockin' new shows, reviews of brand new CDs, interviews with the most spectacular of bands, awesome concert videos, blogs coming at you multiple times a week, and so much more! See you in 2010.

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