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Monday, May 9, 2011

Aman Amun lights up the Athens stage once more

There's nothing like catching your old favorites in action once again! Experimental electronic artist Aman Amun took a break from his current digs in the NYC on Friday to give those of us here in Athens another taste of his deeply introspective tunes.

Aman Amun, musician Brian McGaw's alter ego, opted to begin the show with a few quieter songs that demonstrated a strength of sound and a certainty of action that he seems to have gained since his move up north. New melodies filled his set, each slow and dark song followed by a more upbeat tune. And the visuals integrated into the show were supreme as always. The screen behind him displayed his trademark bricks that grow and change according to the tunes he plays, and it seemed that even the colors of the brilliant light show that surrounded him altered with the rhythm of his sound. Quite a breathtaking sight! As his show approached its end, his flair for the overdramatic revealed itself as he jumped into the audience and guided the hands of various listeners to the iPhone attached to his chest. This time around, I got to be one of those listeners who had the chance to send him into a writhing collapse on the floor, leaving him looking rather convincingly like a broken down robot. This guy sure knows how to get the crowd involved! Then, to continue with this rather amusing act, he finished his short set by "disappearing" from view.

Truly, the Aman Amun experience was in the excellent form I've come to expect from his New Earth shows. How exciting it is to be able to witness the continuing evolution of his sound!

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