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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Echoreyn of Athens turns 3 and gives you a chance to win CDs!

Wow, I can't believe it's been three years since I began experiencing and writing about our amazing music scene as Echoreyn of Athens!  It seems like it's been both much longer and much shorter than that.  On one hand, I can hardly remember what my life was like before I had this scene and these musicians and this music.  I've seen bands emerge victorious, bands bid their final farewells, and bands reborn again.  I've weathered the losses of favorite venues and favorite rockers.  But, in the scheme of things, I've also found that I have so much yet to experience.  I've only had a taste of touring, a hint of the struggles musicians face, and a small glimpse of what large-scale success looks like.

I must say, though, this year has been a wild one for Echoreyn of Athens.  I attended my first Music Midtown, traveled with one of my favorite bands to New York City, and had the night of a lifetime as a Reptar house party exploded into an event that will be talked about in the scene for years to come.  And so much more joy awaits us in the scene!  Athfest 2012 is fast approaching, and you can count on Echoreyn of Athens to feature extensive coverage of the festival as always.  There's also sure to be even more exciting events we have yet to even dream of as we enjoy our next year on the scene.

And hey, why don't you join in our birthday celebrations!  How about we turn the tables this time, and give you a gift instead as a thank you for being such loyal readers of this blog.  A few of our favorite Athens music CDs are up for grabs to the first person (in the continental US) who sends a message to with the answers to the following questions below:

1. What is the current and former name of the band that opened for Reptar at their memorable house show in mid-February?

2. What are the names of at least two of the bands besides Coldplay that played at Music Midtown this past year in Atlanta?

You can find answers to both of these trivia questions here on the blog.  Good luck on your search, and thanks for three incredible years in the scene!

~ Kristen

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