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Monday, July 9, 2012

Athfest 2012: Mad Axes and Seven Handle Circus go wild

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 
Mad Axes & Seven Handle Circus

 Whew, it was time for another break from the heat.  After getting a taste of some quality country folk tunes from the band Josh Perkins Experiment In Southern Hospitality (yes, that really is its name), I popped in to the Caledonia to nab some shade again.  It was perfect timing too.  Apparently, they had changed up the schedule since I had last seen it, and the hip hop act Mad Axes that I had already been planning to catch was setting up onstage as I grabbed a spot on the bench inside.  Moments later, they launched into a cool mix of song and rap with an in-your-face edge to it.  They were up to all of their classic antics that I recall from their Deaf Judges days, leaping into the crowd and getting into full character while wielding giant axes.  One of the members even hearkened back to the old days, sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the Deaf Judges name.  The insanity didn't stop there though.  From giving the mic to an awesome guest rapper to tossing free condoms into the audience to intro their Dirty Girls song, there was no doubt this show was wild!

Then it was time to venture back out into the burning sunlight for Seven Handle Circus.  Despite my near heat exhaustion at that point, I was diggin' their bouncy, upbeat folk tunes.  Man, these guys are talented!  Mixing violins, banjos, and fiddles in with electric guitars and bass, they put on a rockin' show for the crowd, and their fans responded in turn, singing along to their songs and requesting all of their favorite tunes.  The very best moment for me, though, was when they shattered any preconceived notions of genre and gave us an incredible cover of 90s hit Jump Around.  The crowd gleefully obeyed, forgetting the heat and losing themselves in the joy.  So much fun!

  For all of our massive coverage of Athfest 2012, from preparation guides to articles on some of the best featured bands and shows, click here! More entries on all the bands and madness of the festival will be posted daily, so be sure to check back often. Plus, check out our show footage and Athfest vlogs up on the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel as well! 

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