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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kristen's Concert Picks: Get ready for a rad September!

September has already rocked its way into our lives, but this tune-filled month certainly isn't finished with us yet!  The music awaits you...

Fri, September 7: Saint Francis & The Breaks @ 8 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
I caught both of these rockin' southern style bands for the first time at this year's Athfest.  See 'em for yourself over at New Earth!

Mon, September 10: Yo Soybean @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge 
Craving a different sort of southern rock?  Then Yo Soybean's your band!

Tue, September 11: Turf War @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
You'll just love Turf War's fun rock sound!

Fri, September 14: Betsy Kingston and the Crowns @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
You haven't seen passion until you've caught Betsy Kingston and the Crowns in action!  Get yourself to this show!

Sat, September 15: The Orkids @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
The Orkids are back!  You know you've been dying for another taste of their upbeat pop sound.  Don't miss this blog favorite over at the 40 Watt!

Sat, September 15: Cicada Rhythm @ 11:30 PM @ Farm 255
Cicada Rhythm's folk vocals have a unique lilt that you'll just love!

Mon, September 17: Thayer Sarrano @ 9 PM @ Caledonia Lounge 
You've never heard anything like Thayer Sarrano's sweet speech-style vocals.  Bask in her awesome sound!

Thu, September 20: Ruby Kendrick @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Ruby Kendrick always serves up some sweet pop rock melodies.  See her at the Caledonia Lounge!

Fri, September 21: Viking Progress @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
These indie rockers bring their sound to a whole new level with some wild acoustic distortion.  Excellent!

Sat, September 29: Grass Giraffes @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Ready to end the month with some insane fun?  Head on over to the Caledonia for a nice, heaping dose of Grass Giraffes!

Wow, what a month this will be!  If you're eagerly awaiting any other awesome local shows, let the world know about 'em in the comments below.  Happy listening, everyone!

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