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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Athfest 2013: Summing up the festival!

What an Athfest!

It's almost a month later, and I'm still recovering from the awesome insanity. So many incredible bands!    Best of all, we've got some intense Athfest 2013 coverage of nearly every angle of the festival to help you relive all of your favorite parts.  Let's break it down, shall we...

Echoreyn of Athens' Athfest 2013 by the numbers

Want to reminisce or catch something new that you missed? Well, we've got all of those wild pictures up on our Facebook page, videos galore of some of the most amazing live shows including footage  from the final shows of both Modern Skirts and National Anthem plus tunes from The Whigs, Lera Lynn, Quiet Hounds, Ghost Owl and many more. And don't miss all of our up-to-the-minute details on our Twitter page!

Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens Echoryen of Athens

You can also check out every bit of our massive coverage of Athfest 2013, from preparation guides to articles on some of the best featured bands and shows, right here!

Hope your Athfest was as insanely spectacular as ours was.  Can't wait to to jump straight into Athfest 2014 next year!

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