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Friday, September 18, 2009

Stegosaurus and Nero rock their way to extinction

Stegosaurus fires up the crowd

Last Friday night three bands played their final tunes and nearly brought the crowd into a frenzy!

Bang-Utot, Nero and the Burning Violins, and Stegosaurus, all bands claiming the very talented Marshall Yarbrough as a member, bid farewell to their rather excited audiences at this show. Since Marshall is leaving for Germany quite soon, these guys took over Go Bar for a night to rock the house together one last time.

Bang-Utot began playing shortly after my friends and I arrived. The songs that they ended their set with were quite impressively good for a band who's only been together for a few weeks! Then Nero and the Burning Violins took over the stage. Their incredibly unique style of rock captured my ears and kept them. Why didn't I know about them before their breakup show? Such a tragedy! Well, at least I got free CDs from Bang-Utot and Nero. That certainly lessened the pain a little bit.

For both of these bands, Marshall acted as singer and drummer. Therefore, it was quite a surprise to see him step up to the front and pick up a guitar for the Stegosaurus set. Man, that guy knows his stuff! And the band's final show drove the audience wild. Everyone was dancing, and the kids right beside the stage even started moshing. Then things became completely ridiculous. Let me tell you, crowd surfing at Go Bar is not a good idea. If you've ever seen the size of the place, you'll understand why. Pure madness, indeed. What a way to say goodbye, though! I definitely wish Marshall luck on all of his future music endeavors... I'm sure there will be many more!

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