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Monday, February 15, 2010

Word on the Street is...

I've got a few tidbits and updates to share with you, my pals!

  • First of all, I've been bursting to say this for days, and I can't hold it in any longer. We've now got our own domain! We used to be , but now, let me officially introduce you to! We're certainly excited, and I hope you are too. :) Tell your friends!
  • On a less bright note, music bloggers everywhere are shaking in their dancing shoes this week thanks to some frightening news from the blogosphere. Apparently, many of my fellow bloggers have had their beloved blogs ripped away from them recently for posting tracks that they were under the opinion they had the rights to post. This is terrifying. All of their work just disappeared in an instant, sometimes without notice! We don't host or post mp3s here at Echoreyn of Athens for that very reason, but we mourn for all of those who have wrongly lost their blogs. It kills me to even imagine how I would feel if someone took Echoreyn of Athens from me. See Twitter for some of the latest news on this "music blogocide."
  • I have got some gifts for you, though. Last week, more rockin' show pictures made their way onto the Echoreyn of Athens facebook page! Don't forget to check them out!
  • As always, stay updated on the latest Athens and Atlanta music news on the Echoreyn of Athens Twitter page! And good news. It seems that my computer's sound is working once again, so videos will be flooding our YouTube channel soon too!
  • Also, February's got more amazing shows waiting just for you! This month's concert picks page is the place find out about some of the most delicious ones. Creepy and Reptar and Romanenko, oh my! Mark your calendars!
  • And finally, this one's not blog-related, but I truly hope you had a lovely snow day on Friday! Looks like it might not be the last one this year, doesn't it? How exciting! Mmm, time for snowballs and hot cocoa. :)

Stay warm, my friends!

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