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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carolina Ridge: New Name, Nice Sound

Today we've got a short one, but I just couldn't let the week go by without mentioning the Carolina Ridge show I caught last Saturday night at Rye Bar. Sadly, it's been almost a year since I saw these banjo-playing guys share their tunes with the crowd. Back then, they were a trio called Pholksinger Josh with a sound they dubbed "gangsta folk." Now, fresh from a semester in North Carolina, Josh and his bandmate Andy have returned with some wonderful new tunes that draw influences from the original folk songs of old as well as from the experiences they've had traveling around the country and returning home.

One of my new favorites was definitely Andy's song (though, tragically, I didn't catch its name); I've never really heard him sing before, and the harmonies between he and Josh were simply amazing. I've gotta say, I loved it! I also couldn't help but smile as I listened to them sing and play their new tune about all the pretty girls in Athens. Awww. Don't fret, though, longtime fans of Pholksinger Josh. The band still has that lovely spoken word rhythm you know and love. Truly, I'm so joyful that they're back and making music in Athens once more!

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