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Monday, March 29, 2010

Groove Tangent, Venice is Sinking, and Rye: The new, the missed, and the just discovered

These past few weeks have been full of simply amazing bands. Last Saturday at Nuçi's Space, it was Groove Tangent, Rye, and Venice is Sinking that took our ears for a ride.

Groove Tangent is one of the newest bands in town, so you know I just had to check them out! Right now, they're only playing covers, but the band is hoping to make that leap into original tunes sometime in the near future. I've gotta say, though, even as a brand new cover band, their set was one to remember. To my great joy, they rocked songs I actually recognized. Well, that's quite a shock! I mean, let's be honest. Picking non-Athens tunes that I've heard before is certainly something of a feat. They played their way through pop music history, giving us hits from the sixties to the present including an impressive rendition of the Power of Love. I truly hope their original tunes will sound as awesome as that did!

Then, near the end of their set, this band of four guys gave us their own crazy rock version of Lady Gaga's "Love Game." Oh, wow. :) I think my life is finally complete. It is quite possible that nothing will ever compare to the hilarity of the moment when singer/basist Mitch sang "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." That whole song performance had me laughing so much that, even hours later, I was still giggling hysterically, much to the confusion of my pals. I love that these guys have such a sense of humor! I'm very excited to see where they take it from here. Truly, though, no matter how many original songs they play in the future, I think they should always have a little Love Game or something in their set. Wow, what a time!

Then it was Rye's turn to show us what they've got. I've never heard of this band before, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed their sound. The three-part harmony given to us by their trio of frontmen was just plain amazing! And it made quite a picture to see them all singing together as well since there was definitely a bit of a resemblance between them. Turns out those three are all related too. I knew I guessed right! As far as their tunes went, each was rather lengthy, but their style was so nice that none of the songs seemed too long at all. One of the songs even made my friend Sheila feel like she was embarking on an adventure of sorts. Ooh, exciting!

And finally, just as darkness had fallen around us, Venice is Sinking stepped onstage. Ah, it was such a delight to see them again! It's been much too long! Back from their stint at SXSW, they filled our desirous ears with some tunes I've never heard before as well as some of the favorites I've been yearning to hear once more. They had all of us in the crowd dancing and clapping along to their rhythmic and ethereal songs. A few people were even grooving in unison right in front of the stage. Then, near the end of their set, Venice is Sinking gave us something totally unexpected. The band shared what Sheila called a lullaby version of the Black-Eyed Peas hit "I Gotta Feeling." Although it was just a cover, Venice is Sinking made it wholly and completely their own. Their style is so unique! Very nice. I'm so happy that I finally got another chance to bask in this amazing band's tunes. And, before I go, the fashion-lover in me is just bursting to mention the lovely golden dress that Karolyn wore as she and Daniel sang their way through the set. She told us she made it out of a gown she found at a thrift store. Oh, so creative in so many ways!

What a night. As the musical month of March comes to an end, I certainly hope this winning streak of purely wonderful bands continues!

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