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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Echoreyn of Athens!

One year ago today, after finding my journal entry about the spectacular night I first heard Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings up on the band's webpage, I decided the time was ripe to start a blog. I called this blog Echoreyn of Athens since Echoreyn (pronounced "Ecko rain") had long been my pseudonym, and Athens, well... I lived in Athens, one of the greatest music cities in the world! At that time, I had nearly just discovered the scene for myself. I'd been to a few more shows here than most of my friends, but still, I was new to the unique tunes and ever-changing sound of Athens. Nevertheless, I had an inkling that there were tons more amazing experiences to be had in this magical little town. Now, over 100 bands later, I'm overjoyed to say that I was right!

From getting the birthday party of my dreams to having a say about the music of 2009 in Athens' magazine Flagpole to reading about Echoreyn of Athens in UGA's newspaper The Red and Black, it's hard to imagine a more exciting time! And to all of you who read this blog, I love you so much! You're a huge part of what's made this year unbelievably unforgettable. I truly hope you've had just as great a year in music as I've had.

I say, let's celebrate the one year anniversary of Echoreyn of Athens by taking some time out of our busy schedules to simply party it up downtown and discover a few new bands for ourselves that may catch our ears by surprise and put smiles on our faces. April's full of tasty tunes, after all! Oh, and don't forget to check out the video above for some rockin' footage from the past year including some never-before-seen clips of some of our favorite local bands. Here's hoping the next year of music is just as awesome as this one!

P.S. And wow, this seems to be quite a birthday for Athens music fans everywhere... The most famous band to come out of our town since, well, ever is turning 30 today too. That's right, Echoreyn of Athens shares its most joyous birthday with R.E.M.! That's wild!

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