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Monday, April 19, 2010

Night on the Quad: One Year Later

Ah, springtime! One of my very favorite things about this time of year, besides the gorgeous weather, is the music. All of the little-known local bands and established favorites emerge from their winter hibernation ready to take on the world. Music festivals and events surround us!

Case in point: yesterday's Night on the Quad gave us a delicious list of bands to fill our hungry ears! Just about a year ago, this event gave me one of my earliest tastes of Athens' sound. This time around, I was happily surprised to find that I'd enjoyed three of the bands' tunes before and that one of the members of the first band I saw was no stranger either. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

I arrived on UGA's Myers Quad just in time to catch Koji Kondo's first song. Purely wonderful! This was the one band I hadn't seen before, and I'm quite happy to say, I got there just in time to delight in their tunes. But, wait a second! There was something so very familiar about the singer/violinist. Was it... Yes, it was! Hannah Samet, former member of Pholksinger Josh, was there to fill our ears with her sweet voice and violin's soft melodies. She and the rest of the band mixed traditional-sounding tunes with the rock style of the electric guitar to create a sound like no other. To put it simply, I loved it!

The last three bands were all ones I was incredibly delighted to see again. Groove Tangent was up next with a generous helping of their awesome covers. These guys truly have the best sense of fun! This time, Bad Romance was their Lady Gaga song of choice, and they rocked it most hilariously. I'm definitely going to have to keep seeing these guys whenever I can. After their shows, I can hardly keep the smile off of my face. Who would have ever thought I'd love hearing a cover band this much?

Then it was Carolina Ridge's turn. Having played this event three years running, Josh and Andy knew just how to give us the right mix of lyrical rhythm and folk melodies. And, for old time's sake, they even brought Hannah up to sing for two of the songs on the set list. Pholksinger Josh reunion! Best of all, they ended with the song I fell in love with all those many months ago, 18th Summer (April to August). Joy!

Last up was Bigfoot, the newest incarnation of Night on the Quad 2009's band Cyrnaca. Their set was a short one this time with a curious reading of some mysterious piece of paper to start things off. Interesting. Then they gave us a few minutes of their crazy rock sound before it was time to say goodbye to Night on the Quad 2010.

Man, I wish every Sunday was like this one!

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