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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Acts of Awesomeness

Just one of the ways my car was being ridiculous

Well, I'll be honest. Being out of Athens has left me a bit down this summer. So what's a girl to do? Visit Athens, naturally! But even in my beloved town, I faced quite a few near disasters last weekend. With a little help from my friends (and a few strangers) in and around the ATH, though, I had a most spectacular time!

It would just be wrong if I didn't show my gratitude to everyone, so here goes: Hmmm, let's start with the strangers... Thank you, girl surrounded by friends at 2 AM Friday night for making sure I was ok walking alone to my car. You reminded me why I just love Athens so much! And I thank you, off-duty Barrow County police officer, for leading me out of the doomsday rain and into an air conditioned building to wait for help when my car started acting ridiculous on 316. It's bad enough driving a car with no radio or air conditioning for two hours, but you saved me from the even more terrible misery I could have been experiencing! Oh and thanks to the other people who stopped to offer help as well.

And to my friends, you guys are just purely amazing. Thanks, Elizabeth and Blaze for hanging with me at the Caledonia! Awesome as always. Gracias, Susannah, for giving me your couch for the night and playing Mario Cart with me. Taking the town, old school style! Thanks to the bands and especially Luke for giving me a generous helping of Athens tunes while I was there. That's just what I needed! Oh, and I also have to express my undying love for the people who work the after-midnight shift at the Grill whenever I'm downtown. I never truly feel like I'm back in Athens till I have a taste of that sun burger with cheese! Oh yeah!

Athens, I've already said it too many times, but damn it if I won't say it again. I love this town!

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