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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kristen's Concert Picks: Spring Break 2011 Edition

Ah, to be a student again! Battling tests and projects and papers until the sweet moment of freedom comes to whisk you off to another land, be it home or somewhere exotic or even just the land of sleep and dreams. Spring Break starts today! But what does this mean for the Athens scene?

Well, for those of us still in town tonight, Farm 255's got an awesome show featuring country-meets-hardcore-rock band Sam Sniper to kick off the break. Excellent!

Headed out to Texas later in the week? I can honestly say I'm too jealous for words! Tons of our local favorites are going to be rocking shows in Austin, Texas for the massive South by Southwest festival. Be sure not to miss the all-day shows (starting at noon) at the Side Bar on the 18th and 19th featuring such spectacular bands as Bambara, Venice is Sinking, Reptar, Futurebirds, Gift Horse, Twin Tigers, and so many more!

Or maybe the Midwest is your destination? Well, if that's the case, Atlanta's rock superstars the Constellations have got you covered with shows in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota! For more info on those, check out their Facebook page here!

Or perhaps you're trekking to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Well, you're in luck! You have the chance to catch the Winter Sounds as they rock the stage with the one and only Allison Weiss, queen of the Athens music scene turned NYC darling. Mark it down: Club Cafe on the 19th! Too cool.

Know of any other Spring Break shows around town or even around the world featuring some of our local favorites? Don't let us miss them! Be sure to comment below and share the tune-filled love.

And party on, my friends! Party on.

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