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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kristen's Concert Picks: April's tunes thrive

It's April already? The year's passing by so quickly! The cold, dreary weather of early Spring will soon give way to days of warmth and sunshine, and everything around us will bloom and thrive. For those of us in the scene, this month's tunes are thriving too! There's just so many shows to pick from, and we love it that way!

Fri, April 1: Venice is Sinking @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Always a favorite, Venice is Sinking's soft but strong melodies are the perfect way to start off the month!

Fri, April 1: Futurebirds @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
In the mood for some righteous Southern rock? The Futurebirds have got ya covered with their April Fools set at the 'Watt!

Wed, April 6: Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings @ 8 PM @ The Melting Point
It's Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings 3.0! Chris's long-awaited return with the Darlings is sure to fill the Melting Point with awesome classic rock and boundless energy. Best of all, its proceeds go toward the relief effort for those affected by the disasters in Japan. What a great cause!

Fri, April 8: Bambara @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Bambara is, by far, one of my absolute favorite bands in the scene! Their raucous, noise rock style will awaken something native and carnal in your very being, and your soul will beg for more.

Thurs, April 14: Powerkompany @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Powerkompany is an ethereal serenade traipsing through darkness and light. Your ears are dying to experience their sound, trust me!

Thurs, April 14: The Orkids & Tealvox @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
The Orkids and Tealvox in one night? This is undoubtably one of those shows where the lineup alone promises an unbelievable night! Infectiously joy-inducing pop will dance through the 40 Watt with solid rock tunes. Excellent!

Fri, April 15: Sam Sniper CD release @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Sam Sniper's delectably intense country rock has made it one of my most recent Athens favorites. Releasing their very first album We're Not Coming Back This Way on the 15th with free copies for all who attend, this show is definitely a must!

Sat, April 16: the Athens band @ 8 PM @ The Office Lounge
Awesome youth rockers Athens (the band) are back to help raise funds for Nu├ži's Space. Such a worthy cause! You won't want to miss this show!

Sat, April 16: The Shut-Ups @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
I loved the Shut-ups' joy-filled, electronic style when I saw them at the last Athfest, and I've been yearning to catch another set of theirs. Enjoy!

Sat, April 16: Pholksinger Josh CD release @ 10 PM @ Go Bar
So many bands I love are taking the stage this month! Pholksinger Josh's unique style of folk-insfused spoken word will most certainly make this show one to catch. Also, the band is releasing their newest album Watermelon Mountain that night too! Nice.

Sat, April 16: The Beat Geeks @ 10 PM @ Bad Manor
Get ready to move! The Beat Geeks are back to make you lose control on the dance floor. Don't miss your chance to catch these guys in action before they blow up big time!

Thurs, April 21: Taj Motel Trio @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Ska returns to Athens in the form of the Taj Motel Trio. Get ready to skank till you drop to their fast-paced, classic tunes!

Fri, April 22: Dead Confederate @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
I'm actually listening to Dead Confederate on my iPod right now. Why? Because their songs are just unbelievably awesome, and they never get old. If soft rock with a Southern twinge tickles your fancy, Dead Confederate is your band!

Oh man, Caledonia and the 40 Watt are serving up show after incredible show this April! What a month of music! Just like before, if you know of another rockin' Athens show you think the world should see, post in the comments and tell us all about it. And, of course, don't forget to keep checking the Concert Picks link at the top of the page throughout the month as we add new must-see shows to the list. Have an amazing April, you guys!

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