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Friday, November 11, 2011

Echoreview: Rainbow Ghost's Tell Us How You Really Feel EP

You know me. I'm always on the lookout for the newest sounds emerging from our town! Rainbow Ghost, a brand new local music project, is about as fresh as it gets. Sweet and sincere, Rainbow Ghost's indie synth pop style and honest lyrics are definitely worth a listen. So what are his tunes like?

The Tell Us How You Really Feel EP begins with the track What Went Wrong, a pop rock-fueled melody on the tribulations of being a loner and having to watch everyone else make friends, grow up, and get married. Being quite an introverted person myself, I can totally relate to this tune, and beyond the lyrics, I fully enjoyed the musician's beautiful use of the piano towards the end of the song as well. With regards to the sweet style of this tune, I have no doubt it would be a big hit among fans of the local bands Doctor Squid and the Warm Fuzzies. Falling Apart flows from the previous song with a soft, almost video game sort of feel. Impressively radio ready for a track from such a new music project, this tune is really the perfect song for pensively looking out the window as rain falls softly outside. I've gotta say, I absolutely love this one!

An awesome transition leads into Brittle, a more upbeat, often repetitive song for anyone who has ever felt fragile or broken before. Reminiscent of some of the sweetest Venice is Sinking tunes, I definitely could relate to this one as well.

The album ends on a quiet note of hope and desperation with the soft guitar strumming of Maybe It's Time. Speaking of the struggle to take control and make changes, this gorgeous and endearing melody concludes the record rather perfectly. I must admit, it's a rare time when I feel like an entire EP is a success, but from start to finish, Tell Us How You Really Feel is a sweetly melancholy, truthful, and cohesive collection of soul-baring melodies.

Want to sample Rainbow Ghost's sound for yourself? You can download all of these tracks over on his website here. Enjoy the tunes, my friends!

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