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Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun, film, and family!

Can it really be the end of November? How has the year gone by so quickly?  Well, somehow it's already the week of Thanksgiving which means that many of you are away visiting your families and preparing yourselves to enjoy a bit of time off and a selection of tasty foods.  Well, how would like a serving of scrumptious tunes to go with your delicious meal?

First off, I'll start with something you may be familiar with: the Fuzz of the Month!  Every month, local joy-inducing band the Warm Fuzzies gives out a newly released free song on their website.  How awesome is that!  Go ahead and get yourself a taste of their latest tunes right here.

Lucky for us, the Warm Fuzzies aren't the only band sharing some free tunes right now!  Doctor Squid has gotten in on the action as well.  Every week for the next few weeks, they'll be debuting a fresh new song, and they're releasing the latest one today!  You can get your hands on these songs over on their website.  Best of all, you'll be able to catch both of these bands in action on December 5th at the fourth annual Squidmas event over at the Melting Point.  I just can't wait for this year's festive celebration of tunes and cheer!

And finally, if you're craving even more awesome songs, we've just uploaded a bunch of the videos that we've recorded over the past few months onto the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel.  Feast your eyes on tons of live show videos, like the Constellations one above, from this year's Music Midtown and more!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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