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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Caledonia Lounge: Tunes emerging from the darkness

Tucked away just behind the 40 Watt Club, you'll find the Caledonia Lounge. No other venue gives off more of an indie rock vibe! The dim lights beckon you into this mysteriously dark place and draw your eyes to the raised stage at the back of the club. As stages go, I'd say this one is about average, length and width wise; in other words, it's just large enough for some general band antics as long as those antics do not include any wild feats of gymnastic skill. The acoustics of the place are rather nice, too. A sizable dance floor sits in front of the stage lined with ledges, great to stand upon if you need to see over the crowd or to place music-related equipment on while your band waits to set up. Want a place to rest your legs and set down the drink you just got from the full bar near the front of the venue? There are a few tables and chairs set around the club just for this purpose as well. Oh, and don't forget to glance over at the sound technician once in a while! He sits up high in a lifeguard-like booth beside the bar. Quite a sight indeed.

Uh oh! You drank three full glasses of water before you got here and the next band to play has tunes that you know will make you dance? You need a bathroom and fast! Conveniently located right near the entrance, you've got two single occupancy bathrooms to choose from. Now here's the confusing part. The sign on one door is labeled "male," but contrary to one's expectations, the other is labeled "unisex." Well , that's curious. I assume, however, that both of the facilities are the same in this case so I recommend that you use either should the need arise.

Waiting for the last band of the night to step onstage? It's the perfect time to check out the outdoor patio and deck area. Between sets, you'll usually find band members and their fans and pals chilling and catching their breaths out here amidst the small grove of trees. How incredibly relaxing! There are tables and benches galore on both the deck and patio too so this is the place to be if you need to take a short break from the crowds inside the club.

The Caledonia Lounge at a glance:

Ages: 18 to 20 are welcome!
21 and up usually get a cheaper price.

Cost: Generally $5 for 21 and up, $7 for under 21.

Venue Website:

Venue Phone Number: 706-549-5577

Venue location & Google Map: 256 W. Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601

View Larger Map

Reviews of recent concerts/events at the Caledonia Lounge:
Doctor Squid, The Warm Fuzzies, and Gemini Cricket

Have any thoughts of your own about this venue? Dying to know something specific that I didn't mention? Be sure to comment below! Also, to read about all of the venues I've reviewed, visit my venues page!

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