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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight to Help Others

It's especially refreshing to find local musicians dedicated to helping others and making the world around them a better place for everyone. Atlanta rock band the Goodfight is doing their part to make a difference with their latest project, Buy a Record, Save a Life. All of the money from the sale of their newest CD, Good & Evil, will go towards finding and creating clean water sources for people in need all over the world! When I learned about this awesome effort, I had the spread the word to all of you guys. Wow, I love it when people use their talents for the good of humanity!

Want to see what this is all about for yourself? Well, you're in luck! The Goodfight will be playing a free show on November 6th with Athens bands Leaving Araby and Pilot Coat and Atlanta band The Wellreds at the Seney Stovall Chapel. Athens' own Jason Harwell from one of our favorites, the Warm Fuzzies, will M.C. the show to celebrate the release of this special project. Help people and have fun doing it? Very cool. Music really does save lives!

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