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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kristen's Concert Picks: October is party time!

Happy October! My favorite month comes bearing musical gifts of all sorts. From cultural groups to cover bands, from rock to pop, I've got you covered. Oh, and just for you, I've uploaded live footage from several of the shows I saw during the past month. Visit my YouTube channel for videos of Bambara, The Warm Fuzzies, Doctor Squid, The Constellations, and more! And now, prepare yourselves for some spectacular musical adventures!

Fri, Oct 2: Incatepec @ 6 PM @ Terrapin Beer Co.
If you want a fully cultural experience, Incatepec is the band for you! A mixture of jazz, rock, and South American flute music, you've never heard anything like them before.

Wed, Oct 7: Death on Two Wheels @ 10 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
Heavy rock is the order of the day! Atlanta band Death on Two Wheels will have you banging your head and moving your feet to the beat.

Mon, Oct 12: Crumbling Arches @ 10 PM @ The Caledonia Lounge
Readers of this blog will know that this is one show you can't miss! My favorite rockers return to the stage to treat us to a night of amazing tunes and general madness. With the Winter Sounds, another awesome band, on the bill, this show should be nothing short of spectacular!

Thurs, Oct 15: Birds and Wire & Electa Villain @ 10 PM @ The Caledonia Lounge
Two bands I've been hoping to check out since Athfest playing together on one night? Awesome! With soft southern pop from Birds and Wire and classic rock from Electa Villain, this should be one crazy night.

Sat, Oct 17: Modern Skirts @ 9 PM @ The Melting Point
The Modern Skirts are gracing yet another Athens stage! You' know you've heard of them. The buzz about this soft pop band never stops.

Thurs, Oct 22: The Warm Fuzzies @ 9:30 PM @ The Caledonia Lounge
More happiness, more hilarity, more joy! Take it from me, you can never have enough of the Warm Fuzzies. They're smile-inducing pop rock at its best!

Fri, Oct 23: Velvet Runway @ 8 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
Love 80s tunes? Well, then Velvet Runway is the cover band for you! They'll transport you back in time so that your ears will believe you're hearing the jams as they were originally played. It's time to rock!

Sat, Oct 24: Dead Confederate @ 9 PM @ The 40 Watt Club
Headlining with the Meat Puppets and with opener Madeline, this show is sure to be HUGE! Dead Confederate's dark rock will most certainly entrance you. Be sure to buy advance tickets on the 40 Watt website!

Wed, Oct 28: Bambara & The Agenda @ 8 PM @ Ciné
For your ghoulish delight, there will be a performance of Halloween: Live followed by a show from our favorite hard rocker trio Bambara and The Agenda, another group of rockers on my list of bands to see! Oh yes!

Wed, Oct 28: Doctor Squid & Leading Edge @ 9 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
Want some pop, some rock, and some old school tunes? The Redcoat Band party is where it's at! With Beatles cover band Abbey Road live playing as well, this lineup is nothing short of super awesome.

Wed, Oct 28: Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings @ 10 PM @ The Caledonia Lounge
Yay, the Critical Darlings are back! We've missed them quite a lot while they've been off picking songs for their latest CD. This will be one of the few chances we Athenians get to see this group of energetic power rockers this semester, so be sure to check them out!

Thurs, Oct 29: It's my birthday! Yay!
Yeah, ok, I couldn't help myself. I had to mention it too. :)

Sat Oct 31: Krush Girls @ 9 PM @ The 40 Watt Club
No way... KRUSH GIRLS!?! This pair of (shockingly male) DJs were the reason I first set foot in downtown Athens. Newcomers may not have heard of them since they tend to reunite only for special occasions these days, but they are known all over Athens for their rockin' ability to keep the party going with their selection of pop dance tunes!

And those are my picks! Just like before, when a whisper reaches my ears of another awesome show, I'll be sure to add it to my list. Also, so this list doesn't get lost in the quagmire of blogs that I write, check out the side bar! I've just added a monthly concert picks button for easy access.

Echoryen of Athens

Ok, be sure to mark your calendars! This October is going to rock!

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