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Monday, November 2, 2009

Kristen's Concert Picks: Are your ears ready for November?

Golden leaves are falling, carpeting the ground with their brilliant color. Cool breezes make them dance across the earth just once more before they lie still. Without a doubt, November has arrived! So which shows are worth braving this month's unpredictable weather to experience? Here are my picks!

Tues, Nov 3: Augustana @ 8 PM @ Tate Grand Hall on UGA Campus

Ok, I'll admit, I only know of them through their hit song, "Boston," but this band's been all over! This month, they're coming to our very own UGA campus. The best part? It's free for students! ($10 advance for non-students)

Wed, Nov 4: Fire Zuave @ 9 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
Just plain great alt rock... That's what Fire Zuave is. They're another one of that bands I've been wanting to see since Athfest. Yay!

Thurs, Nov 5: Deaf Judges @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt Club
These wild performers thrive in the realm of the unexpected. I've seen them throw a crazy interactive beach party one day and a fog-filled vampire fest the next. What will these rappers do this time? I guess we'll have to be there to find out!

Thurs, Nov 5: Betsy Franck @ 9:30 PM @ The Caledonia Lounge
Blues and southern rock fans, I've got a show for you! Betsy Franck's incredibly strong and wonderful voice will blow you away. Another talent I first saw at Athfest, she's one to hear!

Fri, Nov 6: Aman Amun @ 9 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
A comedy show followed by astounding visual displays and groundbreaking musical stylings? A weird mixture to be sure, but it sounds like a winner from all sides. Oh yes, it's time for another delicious Aman Amun set!

Fri, Nov 6: The Goodfight @ 8 PM @ Seney Stovall Chapel
Rockin' for a good cause with Leaving Araby, Pilot Coat, and the Wellreds, this free show should be quite the experience! For more info, check out this entry.

Mon, Nov 9: Doctor Squid @ 9 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
Wow, Doctor Squid has been busy these past few months! If you haven't yet seen these upbeat rockers, you've definitely been missing out. If you've caught one of their shows before, I know you're dying for more. Well, you're all in luck! They're playing at Rye Bar on the 6th and at Tasty World on the 9th! Nice.

Fri, Nov 13: Kristen's Fake Eighteenth Costumed Concert Birthday Bash @ Time TBA @ Pineview

2-3 band lineup... More on this later. :) I can't wait!

Sat, Nov 14: The Constellations @ 9 PM @ Tasty World Uptown
And they're back! I was so worried that I'd never have another chance to see them, but here they are. What amazing fortune! Want to see a band with style, attitude, and a uniquely awesome sound? Well, you've got to check out the Constellations!

Wed, Nov 18: Aman Amun @ 11 PM @ Rye Bar
This guy just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see what he does next! If you haven't checked this electronic rock genius out yet, this show's a must! And hey, it's free too. Zesty!

Fri, Nov 20: Hope for Agoldensummer @ 10 PM @ Caledonia Lounge
Oh, I love this band's sound. They've got a quieter, folksy style that just leaves you feeling wonderful. And they play the musical saw! You can't get much better than that.

Sat, Nov 21: DJRX @ 11 PM @ Sideways
Dance time! This DJ's spinning the tracks and mixing like crazy. Get ready for a party with this guy's selection of jammin' tunes.

Fri, Nov 27: Birds & Wire @ 9 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
By some terrible conflict of fate, I've never managed to see this group in action, but my insane plans can't keep me from telling you to check out this soft and southern pop band. One day, it'll happen! I truly hope that day comes soon!

Hm, curiously enough, there seems to be a decided lack of shows on this list scheduled for the later half of November. I'm sure this will be remedied as the month goes on, though. As always, let me know if there's a show you think should be mentioned here! Also, if you want to check this list again to help you make your plans as the month goes on, press the "Monthly Concert Picks" button on the sidebar. All you need to know will be right there!

Alright, hope this month's musical adventures take you on a ride. Enjoy!


  1. The Constellations are back!?!? And DJRX?!?! Both on nights when I am not available?? GAH! I hope both of them return early next semester. THanx for the dedicated updates, Kristen. ;)

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  3. Is R.E.M playin' nice songs all over Georgia? Send my truly consids., Marco