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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sleepless Person's Guide to a Rockin' Rest, a Whole New Show Experience

Two nights ago, I had the supreme pleasure of catching yet another Aman Amun set after Last Comic Standing's show at New Earth Music Hall. I have mentioned him tons of times recently, so I'm resisting the incredibly strong urge to write another post about the one of a kind, immersive experience he creates for his audience. Suffice it to say that this show of his topped all others. It was so purely amazing, my heart nearly burst with joy! Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, let's get down to business.

Sleep... or rather the lack thereof. I rarely ever get any! It's become so commonplace at breakfast for me to mention the one hour of sleep I'd managed to get during the past night that my friends hardly even react anymore. Most of the time, this wouldn't be an issue. Hey, I can just make it all up on the weekends, right? Well, not really. See, weekends are the best days for shows, and readers of this blog should know by now that there's no way I'm going to miss a potentially awesome band for a little thing like sleep!

However, this does cause some problems. Quieter or unfamiliar bands stand very little chance of breaking through the tsunami of exhaustion that tends to overcome me during the day after a sleepless night. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, though! Let me explain... introducing the Sleepless Person's Guide to a Rockin' Rest, a how-to manual from one who's tried it all!

First, I suppose I should answer the rather important question: why nap during shows? Well, it's a whole new way to experience the show... especially if you've seen the band before! You can feel the music vibrate throughout your body and you may even be able to guess which songs were hits merely through their vibrations (like I did at the Augustana show last Tuesday). Also, your dreams are infinitely more incredible when they've got a rockin' soundtrack. Sleeping during shows may not be the norm (or even entirely socially acceptable), but it's totally awesome!

Well then, how can you pick a prime napping location? Find a comfortable chair, bench, or ledge... or even patch of floor, if you're feeling really adventurous. Make sure you try to pick a spot that can't be seen from the stage as some bands may be slightly affronted to see that one of the members of their audience has fallen asleep. Hm, I definitely need to remember that one the next time my eyelids start drooping downtown. Most importantly, though, do not fall asleep amongst band equipment as you have a chance of being mistaken for a piece of equipment yourself which may very well scare the living daylights out of the band member that tries to lift you up in the dark. Ah, fun times!

Tiredness is no longer an excuse to miss a potentially wild show. Now you can enjoy the rock and get a rockin' rest at the same time! Oh yes.

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