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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tidbits and Tales

The Athens music scene has been incredibly busy lately which means that Echoreyn of Athens has been busy too! Here's a bit of news to bring you up to speed...
  • Over the next few months, loads of my favorite bands will be releasing their musical masterpieces to the world in convenient CD form. In lieu of this fact, I'm branching out a bit. Within the next few weeks, I will be debuting the first article of a brand new blog series: the Echoreview! I'll get to share my take on the CDs that pass through my ears as soon as I experience them! Watch out for it soon. Ooh, I'm excited!
  • Videos, videos! Boy, have I got tons of them just for you! Remember the absolutely unbeatable Meat Puppets/Dead Confederate/Madeline show? How about the darkly festive Doctor Squid/Leading Edge show? Now you'll get to see some rockin' live footage from both of these amazing shows. Where? Well, fans of the Echoreyn of Athens facebook page got to see these first, but you can also find all of them up on the YouTube Channel. Delicious!
  • The first few weeks of December are brimming over with can't-miss shows. Start your final school projects and exam studying now... You'll want to make extra time for these tune-filled adventures! Also, stay tuned for another blog of Kristen's Concert Picks. Coming soon.
  • ATTENTION, BANDS! Athfest is now taking submissions for its outdoor stages. Don't miss your chance to be seen and heard by the whole eager crowd that attends this multi-day festival! You can submit songs for the Athfest compilation CD now as well. Fun stuff!
  • And, for those of us at UGA, break starts today! Oh yes. Have a wonderful one, my friends!

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