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Monday, May 24, 2010

I've got my ears on you!

In my humble little blogger's opinion, Athens is chock full of bands that have the "it" factor (whatever "it" really is). I have no doubt that fans across the world will be screaming many of these bands' names in no time! After all, look at Of Montreal. I'd been hearing their name long before I ever even set foot in the Athens music scene. And, more recently, bands like Dead Confederate, the Modern Skirts, the Whigs and (that still-new band that I know you've heard of by now) Reptar are exploding onto the national/international scene in a huge way! Oh yeah. This town's bands have got the goods!

Now I'm not one to make predictions. The world of music is, after all, an unpredictable place. Hell, that's half the fun of it! I've gotta say, though, there are definitely a few bands here in Athens that I'm keeping my eyes on. Now these aren't the only ones to look out for, by far. No, no. But these bands have a little something to their presence in our scene that I just have to celebrate.

Bambara is certainly one of these bands. Up for a Flagpole Athens Local Music Award this year, it looks like I'm not the only one who's noticed that there's something special about these guys. Their unique style of shoegaze-inspired noise rock draws in crowds every single time they play, and I can't deny they're one of the most searched-for bands that I've written about in this blog. Other bands, too, have taken notice. It's happened a good many times lately that I'll read another bands' interview on a major blog or news source, and they pinpoint Bambara as one of the bands to look out for! Honestly, the numbers and the fans don't lie. These guys are the real deal.

And then we've got the ever-enduring awesomeness of Doctor Squid. Without fail, their fans are always some of the most enthusiastic crowd members I've ever met! You know you're experiencing something special when you're surrounded by a sea of people who know all the words to every single song. I mean, wow, when they performed on UGA's Tate Plaza a few weeks ago, several passerby asked me who they were in just the twenty minutes that I was standing there. Yeah, they felt it too! And, this may not be music-related, but they've got one of the best and well-kept band websites I've seen. Good stuff. From their special events like the ever-popular annual Squidmas celebration to their performances in nearly every venue around Athens, Doctor Squid is definitely one to watch!

The last one I'll mention today is the band led by rising UGA sophomore Luke Galloway. Whether they call themselves Kalvinova or the Novanauts, this band has the makings of an electronic pop superstar. They've got it all: eye-grabbing visuals, pure sound, and fans galore! Honestly, it's a rare time when I've ever seen the Caledonia Lounge more full than on the night they played. And even just outside of the freshman dorms, a small crowd formed as they rocked the afternoon away one day in late April. Since they're still to new to these parts, you may not have heard of them yet but trust me, you will.

So, my friends, what bands are you keeping an ear out for? Let us know below!

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