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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lovin' on the Drums

Oh, the drums! I've always had a thing for the heartbeat of the song. And, ok, I'll be honest: my first crush in elementary school was a drummer too. I used to call him little drummer boy when I whispered about him to my pals. (Hey, in my defense, he was really short... after all, it was elementary school!) But, seriously, the power of the rhythm in a song is undeniable. I love feeling the vibration of the beats thunder through the ground and reverberate in my veins!

I have a great admiration for drummers themselves too. When I was younger, I had almost no coordination. The idea that someone could keep a rockin' beat seemed almost superhuman to me. Thanks to the drummers of all of the songs that I've listened to since then, I have some semblance of rhythm now... and it's glorious!

Really, I feel like drummers don't get enough credit for what they do. Behind the front men and women, blocked by the guitar players and bass players and backup singers, that's where they generally sit. Most of the time, you hear their art before you see its maker.

Truly, though, in my experience drummers are some of the coolest and craziest people I've ever met. They definitely know their stuff. And awesomely enough, they're usually the first people in each band to friend request me too. Ah, what fun! :)

Put simply, the beats give the songs heart, and the drummers that make the beats are generally rather rad themselves. Let's hear it for the drums... Celebrate the rhythm!

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