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Friday, May 21, 2010

May's MASSIVE Athfest 2010 update (and other tune tidbits)

The anticipation is building... Athfest headlines just keep pouring in from all sides! Being out of town for the summer is quite a terrible thing for an Athens music enthusiast like myself, but the excitement of the festival and all of this awesome news fills me with all kinds of joy. June just can't get here fast enough!

First off, the outdoor stage lineups as well as the lineups for nearly every venue are almost full! Looks like we're just waiting for the bands playing at Nuçi's Space and a few at Tasty World to complete the set. That's 145 bands as of last night, you guys! Wow, so many to choose from! And every time I check, they've added just a few more. See for yourself!

This is the perfect time to start writing out your Athfest plan of attack. Which bands are you just dying to see? Which of your favorites will be rockin' stages all over Athens? Just keep in mind, the schedule's still shuffling around a bit, so don't get too attached to your plans yet. Also, may I suggest searching the bands that you've never seen before on MySpace to hear a few of the tasty tunes each of them has to offer. That's definitely my research method of choice. I've almost gotten through the list of all 145 bands! Who knew there were so many Athens musicians just waiting to be heard?

Oh, and the Athfest folks have given us a few more treats as well. Still not really sure what the festival has to offer? Check out their overall schedule. And I've just got to remind you to vote, vote, VOTE for the Flagpole Athens Local Music Awards! You've got until May 28th, but that's only a week from now! Still not sure who you want to vote for? Well, my friend and blogger Jordan Stepp (Athens Music Junkie) has been writing up a few blurbs about each band again this year, so if you're just a bit flustered, she might be able to help you out.

As always, keep visiting here for more Athfest news and full coverage of this year's festival coming in June!

But wait, before you go, I've got one last treat for you! In other Athens music news, there's this:

What!?! A music video from Mud Scholar? For those of you who don't know, Mud Scholar is the newest creation straight from the twisted mind of Alex McKelvey. It's offensive, shocking, hilarious, brutally honest, and, well, purely brilliant. I was lucky enough to first hear this particular video's tune live a little over a year ago during a brief pause in a Crumbling Arches set. Little did I know what that song would one day become... Oh, I definitely look forward to seeing much more ridiculous imitation douchebaggery from Mud Scholar in the future!

Hope the weekend rocks your flip flops off! Have a wild one, my friends.

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