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Monday, December 6, 2010

Attention, bands! Facebook masters the music scene...

Now let's be honest here. What non-musicians still use MySpace instead of Facebook? Anyone? Yup, that sound you hear is the chirp of a lone cricket.

Reigning king of the social web scene in the late 90s, MySpace has been good to us in the past; I won't deny it. For bands, it has always been a one-stop showcase for their tunes, photos, and fans as well as a great excuse for band members to forego the whole "building a website" deal. In the beginning, it was the perfect place for a budding band to spread the word about their songs and their style and give their fans freebie jams for download. As Facebook became the place to be, MySpace decided, hey, why continue to keep the features that made us awesome? Running with this vein of thought, they completely abandoned the whole indie-bands-give-out-songs-for-free concept in favor of supporting only national acts. Now, years later, in a last ditch attempt to get people back on their site, they've revamped their look and offered to import your information from your Facebook page so that you won't even have to make an effort to be on their site. Sadly for them, we all know it's too little too late. Let's have moment of silence for MySpace, please.

In response, Facebook has decided to blow our minds by giving us all of the features we need to rock a completely amazing band web presence from the comfort of the most popular social site on the web. Need proof? Check out rising Athens/Atlanta stars, the Beat Geeks' Facebook page. These guys have it all there! Using a few Facebook apps, namely the Reverbnation Band Profile and iLike Music tabs, the Beat Geeks have managed to provide all the information that MySpace gives fans in a simple, easy-to-navigate way. Pictures, videos, shows, updates... all of these are right there for your viewing pleasure.

The best Facebook features? Both the Band Profile and Music tabs offer bands the ability to give their fans free tunes again. Take that, MySpace! Hey, it IS the best way to get your music out there when you're just starting out. Even better, everyone knows that the best way to spread the word about a show is to make a Facebook event, right? After all, everybody and their grandmother will see it there! Now, bands can make one from their handy dandy Facebook fan page which means that even more people will have a chance to check out their tunes. AWESOME. Seriously, the only thing Facebook doesn't have are those crazy backgrounds... and ever since one bands' MySpace page nearly blinded me with its blinking neon colored background, I've been thinking that this might be a good thing.

So, for those who took one look at this post and said, TL;DR, here's the deal: It's out with MySpace, in with Facebook, my musician pals! Isn't it time the whole modern world heard what you can do?

Disclaimer: Echoreyn of Athens is in no way affiliated with Facebook. The site is just, undoubtably, the best place for fans to simultaneously check out their favorite bands while stalking their friends.

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