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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Echo's Playlist: Week 7

My listening habits have become quite blasphemous this week! Most of the jams I've been rocking out to lately are much more likely to be heard on the radio than in the 40 Watt. Shocking, indeed. I think I'll have to blame my family for this one. But hey, I love them, and I'm not afraid to admit that I love these tunes too. And, joy of joys, a few Athens and Atlanta tunes have crept onto my list as well! Here are the songs that have made my life a walking music video this week.

  • Told You So by the Orkids: Free track from MTV's Needle in the Haystack
  • The Preachings of Priamides by Crumbling Arches: Song and album The Somnambulist on iTunes
  • Love is a Murder by the Constellations (Song and album Southern Gothic on iTunes)
  • LoveGame by Lady Gaga: Song and album The Fame on iTunes
  • Shake It by Metro Station: Song and album Metro Station on iTunes
Which tunes made your end of November playlist?

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