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Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Santa (year two)...

Dear Santa,
I bet the North Pole is lovely right now. Athens is rather chilly at the moment, but it seems that we might be in for a snowy white Christmas this year! Whee, how exciting!

So Santa, I've been wondering... Has Athens been naughty or nice this year? I'm leaning towards nice since I hear that 2011 will be full of gifts for us like the reincarnation of the Georgia Theatre! Thanks, Santa! Oh, and on the subject of gifts, my Christmas wish is simple: Let 2011 be full of tunes and musical delights! Give me the chance to discover more new favorites, meet more ever-awesome fans of the scene, and rejoice in the visits from old favorites as well. Make this upcoming year the best year ever!

Love and striped knee socks,
Kristen a.k.a Echoreyn of Athens

P.S. Could you please grant all of the wishes that dance in the minds of the people of Athens and beyond this holiday season as well? That would be super cool. Thanks!

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