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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lullwater releases the rock

Here is some advice for you music lovers around town: Never start the night off with a Reptar set! Reptar's takeover of WUOG's Live in the Lobby show was filled with so much wild, insane fun that I was quite afraid that every other band of the night would pale in comparison. I mean, it was Reptar, Athens' own personal masters of the scene themselves. But luckily I chose not to forego the rest of the evening... after all, if I had, I would've missed my chance to catch Lullwater rock the Caledonia stage at the release party of their latest CD, and that, my friends, would have been most tragic.

After a bit of good, solid americana from the District Attorneys, Lullwater made their claim on the night with a set of folk-infused hard rock that had the whole crowd excited. No one in the audience could stop themselves from dancing along! The band's sound just had a rather awesome vibe to it that drew us all in and left us groovin'. In fact, I'd venture to suggest that some people, like the ridiculously drunk man who alternated between moving wildly and nearly crushing everyone else on the dance floor, even had a little too much fun. But really, it was quite a time! The band played through a set of newer tunes and hits, many off their brand new album Silhouette. Good stuff. And I've gotta say I just loved staring in awe at bassist Roy's ever-amazing metallic-looking bass guitar. I've seen that thing once before, and it stuck with me. I will never forget how spectacularly cool that thing is! All in all, 'twas quite a satisfying night!

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