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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tunes of love, loss, and truth

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers of Athens and beyond! To show you just how much I love you, I thought I'd share some of my latest favorites among the songs of love, loss, and general debauchery given to us by some of our local bands. Today is a day made for tunes, after all! With the help of,,, and, here are a few treats for your ears. Enjoy!

For those in the throes of love and passion, readers of this blog may remember that my friends and I have deemed Bambara's tune Native Tongue the sexiest of them all. It's just undeniable! So, once more, I wish couples a fantastic night with this one.

Not looking for romance, but in need of a serious good time with no restrictions or conscience to bring you down? Well, then, Mud Scholar's amusing and ever-so-honest tune Man Slut Logic just might be your theme song!

Or maybe you've just had enough of the one you've been with lately. Don't worry! The Orkids have got your back on this one. You can burn all those old pictures and assert your independence to the tune of their hit Paper Dolls!

Perhaps you've got your eye on a new special someone, and you're in the mood to hit the dance floor together. If that's the case, the Beat Geeks' tune Deep Down is the song for you!

But what if your crush doesn't even have a clue how feel about them? Maybe he or she doesn't even know you exist. Well, the Athens band feels your pain, and they've put that frustration into rock with their hit She Don't Even Know, complete with an award-winning music video!

Now let's end on the highest of notes! Valentine's Day is, after all, a time to celebrate love, and the Orkids have got a song for us in that regard as well. I'll send you off with their gentle and touching melody Gold.

No matter what your situation is or how you choose to celebrate, hope you all have an amazing day!


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