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Friday, February 25, 2011

Switching it up with Gringo Star and Sunspots

Explosive energy was the name of the game over at the Max Canada last night!

Featuring a brand new lineup of members, the guys of Sunspots bounced around the stage giving us a set of solid, upbeat indie rock. Seriously, their energy was downright shocking! The shoeless singer led the pack, literally leaping up and down during the songs to the great excitement of the crowd. Enthused by their wild spirit, the audience begged for more after they finished what seemed like the shortest set ever, and, most joyfully, they rewarded us with one final Sunspots tune.

Next it was time for Gringo Star to make its grand entrance. Apparently, these guys have been getting pretty big in Atlanta, and if their first impression is any indication of their general insane style, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the fans are buzzing about them. Honestly, I've never seen such a display of lasers, twinkling stars, epilepsy-inducing lights, and fog on that small a stage! I'll admit, in the beginning, all the blinking and flashing overpowered their tunes a bit; in such limited space, having every one of the senses engaged was quite overwhelming. Soon enough, though, I experienced their sound, and what a sound it was! To be honest, it's rather hard to find words to describe their style. If haunted carnival undertones flirted with an overarching hard rock influence inside a ball of pure energy, Gringo Star's tunes would feel right at home. And somehow, while these multitalented band members switched up instruments between every single song, they managed to give their entire set a cohesive sound. See what I mean when I call them indescribable? Truly both awesome and insane in a way I've never experienced before! And man, their energy was just contagious!

Then, as night eased into the wee morning hours, the ever-amazing blast of noise that is Bambara finished the show off with their spectacular set. If you've never read my blog before, let me just tell ya, my love for Bambara speaks for itself. What a wild night of tunes!

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