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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a few more days left to vote for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards!

Sunday's the last day! You have until midnight on Sunday night to vote for all your favorite bands in our local version of the Grammys, the Flagpole Athens Music Awards. Don't miss your chance! You can vote right here.

Still not sure who to vote for? Well, Echoreyn of Athens and Athens Music Junkie have teamed up to tell you who has our vote and who we think just might win too. We've divided the answers between our blogs so be sure to check out AMJ tomorrow for our thoughts on the second half of the categories.

Here we go!



Favorite: Abandon the Earth Mission

Favored to win: Basshunter 64

Last Athfest, I caught Abandon the Earth Mission for the first time, and I fell in love with their space-inspired sound. I’ve got to admit, though, the buzz about Basshunter 64 has been huge, so I expect quite a few votes for them this year as well.


Favorite: Abandon the Earth Mission

Favored to Win: Basshunter64

I love Abandon the Earth Mission but Basshunter64 has been pounding the pavement lately, getting their name out there. Electronic is a strange category that usually goes to the most well known name. This one could go either way really.



Favorite: Qurious

Favored to win: Bubbly Mommy Gun

Experimental is, by definition, a hard genre to classify. Indeed, the last time I saw Geisterkatzen, they were all wearing cat masks and filling the room with the sounds of a windstorm. Bubbly Mommy Gun has their own very popular version of this genre. For me, though, my choice would have to be a write-in for the mystic experience that is Qurious.


Favorite: Whistling School for Boys

Favored to Win: Bubbly Mommy Gun

Have you seen WSfB? It's pretty awesome. Not to mention the crossover they did a while back with Flash to Bang Time. But Bubbly Mommy Gun is the name here, along with Geiterkatzen.



Favorite: Bambara

Favored to win: Dead Confederate

Bambara’s noise rock is truly like no other, so picking my favorite for this category was easy. However, Dead Confederate’s fame and southern rock sound may give them a bit of an edge. Manray is also one to watch. Really, it could go either way.


Favorite: The Humms

Favored to Win: Cinemachanica

The Humms released the best rock album last year. Period. They truly deserve to win this packed out category. But it'll be a struggle for anyone. Rally your fans, bands!

Cover Band


Favorite: Velvet Runway

Favored to win: Abbey Road Live

Beatles lovers have always raved about Abbey Road Live’s quality covers, and as winners of this award last year, I think they have a good chance of walking away with the trophy again this year. However, 80s covers are more my speed, so cover band Velvet Runway gets my write-in pick for this category.


Favorite: Deja Vu

Favored to Win: Abbey Road Live

Abbey Road Live always puts on a solid show. I'm partial to Deja Vu right now though.



Favorite: Mahogany

Favored to win: Immuzikation

Choosing a favorite Athens DJ is actually quite difficult. These guys have set the tone for countless nights of awesome dancing and fun. How can I pick just one? I’ve loved DJRX’s quirky style for years, and Feral Youth’s tunes just before Halloween were amazing. Out of this crowd, Immuzikation is probably the best known for spinning his tracks around town, but if I were to pick one, I’d have to give DJ Mahogany my vote for his righteous St. Patrick's Day mix.


Favorite: DJRX

Favored to Win: Immuzikation

My knowledge of this category is slim to none. So is pretty much everyone else's I bet. How does one judge a dj correctly?



Favorite: Kenosha Kid

Favored to win: Kenosha Kid

Winners of last year’s Jazz award, Kenosha Kid’s style appeals to both jazz fans and new listeners alike. Not only are they my choice for this year, I’d say they have a good chance of nabbing the trophy again as well.


Favorite: Mary Sigalas

Favored to Win: Kenosha Kid

Kenosha Kid is amazing. My vote this year went to Mary, however. She's a fresher face in the jazz category and man, can she perform.

Hip Hop


Favorite: The Beat Geeks

Favored to win: Showtime (feat. Elite tha Showstoppa)

Since the Deaf Judges broke up in 2010, there is no longer a clear winner in this category anymore. My write-in pick would be up-and-coming group and openers for Ludacris, the Beat Geeks. If I were to gauge a winner based on buzz, though, I’d say Showtime featuring Elite tha Showstoppa, entertainers at the Flagpole Athens Music Awards show last year, have good odds.


Favorite: Showtime (Elite tha Showstoppa)

Favored to Win: Showtime (Elite tha Showstoppa)

I will completely and utterly admit that I'm voting for Showtime just because of the name. I haven't heard much of the others either.



Favorite: The Orkids

Favored to win: Reptar

Athens’ favorite Reptar is likely to be a shoo-in for the Pop category this year. I have to admit, though, I was absolutely shocked that the Orkids didn’t make the list with their catchy pop tunes. My write-in vote has got to go to them.


Favorite: The Gold Party

Favored to Win: Reptar

No brainer. Reptar has had an incredible year. They're playing tons of awesome shows, got a kick-ass album, etc. I do love the quiet beauty of The Gold Party though. Part philosophy, part dance. Listen to Luxury and Light. Seriously.



Favorite: Klezmer Local 42

Favored to win: Incatepec

I have yet to see Klezmer Local 42 live, but I truly enjoy their international sound from what I’ve heard online. I’ve long enjoyed Incatepec’s Latin style as well, and I’d say they have quite a good chance of winning this year.


Favorite: The Knockouts

Favored to Win: The Knockouts

Probably the most mainstream sounding of the bands listed here. Also the only one besides Grogus that I've listened to in the past year or so.



Favorite: Yo Soybean

Favored to win: Madeline Adams and the White Flag Band

I’ll be happy to see any one of the bands in this category win the award for Folk this year. Madeline Adams and the White Flag Band have been spotted on stages all over town, and Efren’s gritty sound has caught the attention of many a fan. If I had to choose just one, though, I suppose I would pick Yo Soybean for their unique take on the style.


Favorite: Yo Soybean

Favored to Win: Madeline Adams and the White Flag Band

Such a hard category for me. I love each and every one of these bands. I'm picking Yo Soybean as my favorite mainly because I can't get Manifest Blasphemy out of my head. But I love Madeline's sweetness and Efren's folk songs and on and on....

Hope our blogger's take on the nominees helps you out! And don't forget to visit Athens Music Junkie on Friday for the other half of our favorites and favored to wins. Happy voting!

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  1. Actually Quorious is an Atlanta project!