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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Summer Side Show 9 experience: Part 3

Click for part 1 and part 2 of the Summer Side Show 9 experience!

Breezes finally arrived to ease the heat of the day by late afternoon. Sweeter, more melodic tunes rode these breezes into our ears from every corner of the field as the general tone of the festival began to soften.

Over on the main stage, Florida's Quiet Science began their set of soft, soothing rock. The band's pure quality sound drew me straight out of the merch tent and across the field. From the instant I first heard them, I really enjoyed their style, but something about them just seemed so familiar. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it was until, finally, it hit me. I had seen them before over a year ago at the Caledonia! I had even written about their set way back then. Small world!

The next band to catch my attention was a group so memorable that, even though I never caught their name during their set, I felt like it would be tragic not to do some research to that end. Apparently, they're called Lost on LeMans, and they hail from Columbus, GA. There was just something about this band's attitude that reminded me of Athens' own Reptar. Maybe it was the beach balls flying through the air, the insane Justin Bieber t-shirt worn by one member, or the guy who crowdsurfed onstage to sing into the mic with the lead singer, but their show garnered the same level of unbridled excitement from their many fans as our town's pop rulers. Different from Reptar, though, was their sound which had a distinct Fallout Boy feel to it that their crowd clearly enjoyed.

Just a while later, quiet singer-songwriter style tunes guided me back to the main stage where I found the Great Paper Castle. Their songs, infused with trumpet-woven melodies, had me smiling instantly, and I simply fell in love with their sweet lyrics. Quite a find!

Then the solid, radio-ready soft rock of Ocean is Theory finished out the daylight hours. With night fast approaching, some of the most anticipated acts of the evening were just a few moments away!

Check back tomorrow for more documentation of the purely crazy Summer Side Show 9 experience!

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