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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Summer Side Show 9 experience: Part 4

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As darkness settled over the festival, Misfortune500, one of my top Athens favorites and the band sweet enough to share their Summer Side Show adventure with me, began setting up. A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I could happily see this band play a live show once a week and still never get sick of them, and since that time, I've actually caught them in action about that often. Hey, it's true! Misfortune500's strong and dark alt rock is so powerful, I just can't get enough of their sound. And I'm definitely not alone. Curious fans, seeing the intense display of lights and pure rock from afar, ventured over throughout their brilliant set to join their crowd of fans as they ruled the show. Even on a stage sandwiched between Attila's monstrously loud tunes and American Idol contestant Bo Bice's songs from across the river, Misfortune500 owned the evening and, after their set was tragically cut short, left us dying for so much more of their style. In fact, the guy standing right in front of me during the show said that it was, by far, the best act he'd seen all day. What an impression!

And then, there was nothing left to see but the headliner. Creators of iconic 90s hit Sex and Candy, Marcy Playground topped off the night on the main stage, lit by Misfortune500's awesome lights, in front of a crowd of mostly teens too young to actually remember their biggest hit in its heyday. Now, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from these guys since I, like most of the audience, only knew one of their tunes. During the set, their sound ranged from almost metal to more southern rock which, all in all, was pretty well-crafted. Unfortunately, though, until they performed the song that everyone eagerly awaited, their hearts just didn't seem to be in the performance. I suppose, after all those years of being known for one great tune, it can be hard to maintain enthusiasm for the others. When the time came to satisfy the fans' craving, however, all of the band members threw themselves into the song and even got the fans to join in, proving that there are some things, like Sex and Candy, that never go out of style.

After that intense heat and all of those bands and those wild sights and sounds, I really only have one thing left to say. Wow, what a day!

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