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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bad Manor: Bright lasers, brilliant colors

If an all-encompassing concert or dance party experience is what you crave, the Bad Manor is definitely the place for you! After receiving your venue wristband, you'll enter to find a full bar complete with bar stools and a few small tables, perfect for chilling with friends before the music begins. Then, as you pass by the screen barrier and step onto the massive dance floor, brilliant multicolored beams of light wash over the room, setting an intense scene for the night of tunes ahead. These unbelievable lasers, highlighted at times by a gorgeous sea of bubbles or by napkins that waft through the air like confetti, kick every show or dance extravaganza at the Bad Manor up several notches. They are truly a sight to behold! Then, making your way to the rather large raised stage, you'll pass a barred cage, presumably for the most wild of parties, as well as a small area that serves as the perfect place for merch booths.

What about the DJs or the members of bands planning to blow the crowd away with their style? Well, this sprawling venue has two backstage areas for them and their crew! And if their tunes tend to get the fans moving and grooving, this is definitely the venue for them. Truly, this scene was made for dancing! During all of that movement, though, you're certainly going to need to stay hydrated. But what happens when you've had a bit too much? Well, luckily, you're in the Bad Manor, home to some of my favorite restrooms in all of Athens! As you enter the clean and spacious rooms, you'll think you've stepped into the washrooms of some fancy, modern restaurant. Rustic metal stall doors open to highly designed sinks, and everything from the faucets to the toilet paper dispensers is automated as well.

Then, as you finally leave the awe-inspiring restrooms, you'll find yourself absorbed once more in all of the amazing sights and sounds of the Bad Manor. If you came to party, you will not be disappointed. What a place!

The Bad Manor at a glance:

Ages: varies, generally 18+

Cost: varies, generally free for 21+, $5 for 18-20 before 11 PM, $10 for 18-20 after

Venue Website:

Venue Phone Number: (706) 850-8500

Venue location & Google Map: 346 East Broad St., Athens, GA 30601

Reviews of recent concerts/events at The Bad Manor

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