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Friday, August 19, 2011

Discover the Athens music scene!

This one's for all the newcomers to Athens as well as those of you who've been curious about the scene but have remained on the fringes of it thus far. Not sure whether you want to join an already existing band in need of a new rockin' member or start your own music project during your stay in the Ath-town? Still working on learning those first few guitar chords? Love being a fan but wish you could take it to the next step? Whether concerts have always been your thing or the scene is brand new to you, there's a place for you here!

If you're attending the ever-awesome University of Georgia, you've got tons of options to help you carve out a space for yourself in the Athens scene.
  • Interested in DJaying, learning how to set up a show, or just getting an introduction to the world of local musicians? Check out WUOG, UGA's own student-run radio station. Don't be shy! They seriously welcome all students to eager to help out, and they're conveniently located in the Tate Student Center.
  • Perhaps you're ready to throw yourself straight into the business... Well, then the Music Business Certificate Program is just for you! During your music business classes, you'll learn all the technical details you need to know to make the music industry part of your career.
  • Or maybe you just want to focus on the fun side of putting on shows featuring big name artists. If that sounds right up your alley, then you should join University Union's Entertainment division. As part of this club, students get to select artists and organize massive shows for the student body. They often get to meet the musicians themselves too. Added bonus! Past shows organized by this group of eager students have featured a huge variety of artists and groups including Ludacris, Augustana, Soulja Boy, and Bo Burnham.
If you're most interested in the music-making process itself, your first stop should be the famed streets of downtown Athens! Even if you're not yet 21, there are several venues around town that cater to the 18+ music loving crowd. These include the Caledonia Lounge, the 40 Watt Club, Nu├ži's Space, New Earth Music Hall, the Bad Manor, the Melting Point, and even the newly reopened Georgia Theatre! Once you've seen a few shows and met a few of your favorite local musicians, you can begin networking to find your niche in a sea of bands and rockers. Making friends here is where it all begins!

Interested in writing about the scene and your experiences in it? You could always join the Echoreyn of Athens team and give us your take as well! Check out our About page for more information on many of the people who have gotten involved with us in the past and a link to our contact info.

One way or another, I hope you all make the most of Athens' amazing and ever-exciting local music scene!

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