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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kristen's Concert Picks: September is full of incredible tunes!

The Athens music scene is back in full force for the month of September! Tons of our local favorites are taking stages all over town to rock the tunes we've been dying to hear. Get ready for a spectacular list of shows!

Thurs, Sept 1: Of Montreal @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
What a way to kick off September! Of Montreal will be bringing their pop music circus of insanity to the Georgia Theatre stage for the first time since it reopened at the beginning of this month. Oh, the feather, the glitter, the spaghetti... I can't wait to see what unforgettable things they'll do this time!

Sat, Sept 3: Tealvox @ 9:30 PM @ Caledonia
Purely awesome rock is Tealvox's way. Don't miss them over at the Caledonia on the first Saturday of the month!

Sat, Sept 3: Modern Skirts @ 9:30 PM @ 40 Watt
It's the Modern Skirts, back to rock for us again! Longtime fan favorites of the scene, if you haven't caught them in action yet, you just need to head on over to the 40 Watt this Saturday.

Sat, Sept 3: Ye Olde Sub Shoppe @ 8:30 PM @ Flicker Theater
Craving a hilariously surreal experience? You will hardly believe the madness that is Ye Olde Sub Shoppe, I can promise you that!

Sat, Sept 3: The Corduroy Road @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Another free show at the Georgia Theatre? YES! Right after the UGA/Boise State football game, the Theatre will treat us to a show featuring Americana band the Corduroy Road with appearances from members of Packway Handle Band, Efren, Klezmer Local 42, and more. Wow, this is going to be exciting!

Sun, Sept 4: Grogus @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Love grooving to a latin beat? Grogus will have you dancing in no time over at the Theatre. Too much fun!

Tuesdays in Sept: Kenosha Kid @ 8 PM @ Highwire Lounge
Continuing their residency at the Highwire Lounge, one of the best jazz bands in Athens, Kenosha Kid, will be playing every Tuesday night in September. So many chances to catch them! Brilliant.

Thurs, Sept 8: Green Gerry @ 10 PM @ Little Kings
The unique sound of Green Gerry's indie rock left me craving more after this year's Athfest. Don't miss his set at Little Kings!

Fri, Sept 9: Futurebirds @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Headliners of Athfest 2011, southern rockers Futurebirds are on their way up! Check 'em out on the Georgia Theatre stage.

Fri, Sept 9: Lazer/Wulf @ 10 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
Largely instrumental metal tunes characterize Lazer/Wulf's sound. Gotta love their all-encompassing style!

Sat, Sept 17: The Orkids @ 10 PM @ Melting Point
One of my absolute favorites in the Athens scene, the Orkids are giving our town another taste of their infectious pop rock tunes. Get ready to go wild!

Tues, Sept 20: Madeline @ 8:30 PM @ Flicker Theater
Soft dark rock is Madeline's forte, and Flicker is the perfect place to enjoy her sound!

Tues, Sept 27: Come What May @ 7:30 PM @ Caledonia
Looking for something a bit more hardcore? Then Come What May is your band. Their indie rock style and explosive energy will combine to give you an awesome show!

Sat, Sept 30: Lera Lynn & Ruby Kendrick @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
Powerful vocals and beautiful melodies will engulf you as you end your month at the 40 Watt with Lera Lynn and Ruby Kendrik!

Wow, this month is going to be wild! Have a bit of insider knowledge about another awesome show that you want to share with the world? Be sure to post about it in the comments! Also, remember to check back often to see if we've added any more can't-miss shows to the list. Have an incredible September, my pals!

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