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Friday, September 30, 2011

Kristen's Concert Picks: October creeps in with some spectacular songs!

The sweet smell of pumpkins and candy corn wafts through the air on the wings of a cool breeze. Leaves dress themselves in reds and golds as whispers of Fall echo in the dusk. October has arrived indeed, and the month comes bearing musical treats of all kinds!

Sat, Oct 1: Efren @ 10 PM @ Farm 255
Efren's gritty and honest take on folk rock is a refreshing way to start off the month. It'll be wonderful to hear their melodies again!

Thu, Oct 6: Kyshona Armstrong @ 8:30 PM @ Flicker
Don't miss your chance to catch Kyshona Armstrong's powerful and soulful vocals over at the Flicker Theater!

Thu, Oct 6: Shallow Palace & Sleepy Eye Giant @ 6 PM @ Max
I caught both of these bands a while back when they played with Misfortune500, and I just loved their rockin' sound. Trust me, you'll want to see 'em too!

Fri, Oct 7: Monahan & Ruby Kendrick @ 5:30 PM @ Nuçi's Space
Take Monahan's great indie rock with a southern flair, add Ruby Kendrick's soft and sweet melodies, and put them together in a lineup at Nuçi's Space, and you've got one awesome show!

Fri, Oct 7: Manray @ 10 PM @ Little Kings Shuffle Club
The dark, melodic rock of Manray is sure to blow you away. Check 'em out over at Little Kings!

Sat, Oct 8: Hope for Agoldensummer @ 8 PM @ Hendershots
In the mood for a few sweet melodies? Then Hope for Agoldensummer's your band!

Fri, Oct 14: Betsy Franck @ 9 PM @ New Earth Music Hall
Powerful songstress Betsy Franck is taking the stage again to give us more awesome southern rock tunes! Nice.

Wed - Sat, Oct 12-15: Popfest @ 1 PM @ Caledonia
Dying for another incredible festival? Then you're in luck! Popfest, a four-day event full of amazing bands, is taking over the Caledonia in the middle of the month. Some of our favorites on the lineup are Gold Party, Easter Island, Gift Horse, Buxton, Ruby Kendrick, and Viking Progress. Enjoy!

Wed - Sat, Oct 12-15: Popfest @ 7 PM @ 40 Watt
Guess what! Popfest isn't just confined to the Caledonia either. 40 Watt's got their share awesome bands playing as well. Our favorite will probably be rocker Madeline's set on Friday!

Sat, Oct 15: Abbey Road Live @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Looking for something to satisfy your inner Beatles fan? Then this cover band was made for you! At the ever-incredible Georgia Theatre, you can soak in the sounds of Abbey Road Live.

Thu, Oct 20: Sam Sniper @ 8 PM @ WUOG
On the radio again! Sam Sniper's unique style of rebellious folk rock is an absolute must. Listen in!

Fri, Oct 21: Lazer/Wulf @ 8 PM @ Caledonia
If dark, instrumental metal is the sound you've been seeking, look no further than Lazer/Wulf!

Fri, Oct 21: Efren, Charlie Garrett Band @ 8:30 PM @ the Melting Point
Folk rocker Efren's back for another show this October, and the Charlie Garrett band joins them with their own quality southern rock tunes! Excellent.

Sat, Oct 22: Dead Confederate @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Dead Confederate! Their thousands of fans can attest to the fact that their dark, southern rock is unequalled. See 'em and fall in love with 'em just like I do every time they play!

Fri, Oct 28: Jason Isbell @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Headliners at the last Athfest, Jason Isbell returns to Athens for another round of great tunes!

Sat, Oct 29: Wild Rumpus afterparty @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Halloween is Athens' holiday, and we celebrate it in a huge, ridiculous way! Don't miss the annual Wild Rumpus Parade through the streets of town, and then be sure to catch Packway Handle Band, Kite to the Moon, and much more at the Georgia Theatre afterparty!

Sat, Oct 29: Of Montreal @ 9 PM @ 40 Watt
Another helping of Of Montreal? How did we get to be so lucky! Since a regular show with this band features insane costumes and tricks on any old day, you'd better believe a show this close to Halloween will be nothing less than spectacular! Buy your tickets early!

Mon, Oct 31: STS9 @ 8 PM @ Georgia Theatre
Speaking of big shows, this one's going to be huge! Now, I've never seen STS9 myself, but judging from the reactions I've seen, this is definitely big news. What a Halloween we'll get this year!

Wow, I'm extremely excited for all of the amazing shows October has in store for us! As always, if you know of another Athens show that's going to rock everyone's faces off this month, let the world know about it in the comments. Also, don't forget to click the "Monthly Concert Picks" button above to see any updates we'll add to this list as the weeks go by. See you guys, gals, and ghouls around the scene!

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