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Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Midtown 2011: The Constellations rock the park

I never even imagined that I'd actually get to go to Music Midtown. Since the massive, annual mid-Atlanta festival disappeared six years ago, it was barely a blip on my radar until I discovered that longtime blog favorite the Constellations would be rockin' the stage for the event's return this year. Then to my utter surprise, thanks to the TV show Better Mornings Atlanta, my penchant for staying up all night, and an extraordinary amount of luck, I found myself collecting two tickets at Will Call on Saturday morning with my friend Jordan of Athens Music Junkie. As we entered the gates, I was positively brimming with excitement for my very first huge concert headlined by an internationally-acclaimed act. Really, though, I had no idea just what an incredible day was in store for me!

The festival was just beginning as Jordan and I stepped onto the soft grass inside Piedmont Park. New York band the Postelles kicked off the concert with some jazzy, fun tunes as they played over on the "Great Southeast Music Hall" stage (which will be known from here on out as the "other" stage). Tons of people had already arrived, staking out their spots and laying down blankets all across the sloping landscape. In front of the "Electric Ballroom" stage (the "main" stage, naturally), people lined the press gate, presumably in anticipation for the unbelievable lineup that was to grace that stage. Jordan and I managed to nab one of the last few open spots beside the gate, getting the momentary added bonus of a hint of shade while we were there.

Then, just before two, it was the Constellations' turn to blast us with their tunes. After a year of yearning to see them again, my dreams were finally fulfilled as they leapt onstage. Immediately launching into their awesome song Love is a Murder, they pumped up the sea of fans with their energy. Indeed, their dark yet dance-inducing, psych rock sound and one-of-a-kind style never fail to be crowd-pleasers, and the thousands already in attendance clapped along joyfully as they played. The band served up a set full of big hits and more than a few brand new tunes including the ever-popular and delightfully sexy Felicia, and they even brought up singer Ruby Velle to lend her beautiful voice to their songs. As the sun beat down on the backs of all of the listeners, the Constellations finished their show with the Atlanta-soaked, theatrical tune, Step Right Up while Jamie Gordon, the keyboardist, bounded into the crowd in a radical display of fan love, shocking everyone especially the security guys.

What a performance! I just can't get enough of seeing these guys in action. And who could have guessed that this would just be the beginning of the mind-blowing experiences that I would have at Music Midtown? Purely incredible!

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