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Monday, October 17, 2011

Echoreview: the Athens band's Animals EP

Recently released online, the Athens band's newest EP, Animals, is quite a step up from their earlier recordings. A few years ago, as young teens, they made a big splash on the scene with their rather impressive natural talent, but as they have matured, they've honed the quality of their craft as well. The band's classic rock style has gained a stronger, harder edge, and it's clear they've worked to produce a more cohesive sound. So what's the word on their latest tunes?

The EP begins with the title track, Animals (Mama Said), which proves to be my favorite tune on the album. The song's thundering intro provides the perfect start to the record as it builds to an intense peak before all of the band's instruments blast onto the scene. Then vocals that almost resemble those of a young Michael Jackson leap and wind their way through the tune. Listeners might remember this song from the band's music video which debuted last summer and won a Flagpole Award for Viewer's Choice Video.

Softer and slower in its execution, Rainbow drifts in next. While the song comes off as being a bit forced at times, I just love the lyrics in this one. They're so full of hope! Then She'll Wait, another of my favorite tracks, enters the scene. I very much enjoy the rolling style of this song. Something about it just makes it easy to imagine the band playing this tune in arenas, surrounded by screaming fans.

Longtime listeners of the Athens band will probably recognize the final tune on this EP as well. She Don't Even Know, the song responsible for their very first Viewer's Choice Video award in 2010, concludes the album in a stripped down, much harder and darker version of the tune. While it differs markedly from its original incarnation, whispered lyrics and sparse but satisfying backing vocals definately make this song a strong ending to the record.

Want to get your hands on these tunes so you can hear them for yourself? Well, you're in luck! They are all available for download from Bandcamp right here. Enjoy!

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