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Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep your ears safe this October!

First off, I just want to say that yesterday's "Shameless Plugathon" on WUOG 90.5 FM was a wonderfully amazing experience. Thank you to all of those who listened in!

And now, to business. Did you know that October is National Protect Your Hearing Month? What, a whole month dedicated to ear care!?! Who comes up with these things?

But truly, though, protecting your ears is incredibly important, especially if you're a fan of the scene. Now look at that picture above. The first thing you'll probably notice about it is that it looks a whole lot like the one in the post below. Clearly, I just can't hide my great love of fedoras, and I've really got to work on changing up my expression in pictures. Alright, I'll give you that. But look closer. See those earplugs dangling around my neck? I don't go anywhere without them. For just a few bucks, I've got an instant necklace that ensures that I'll be rockin' out to my favorite tunes for years to come.

Having good hearing is of the utmost importance to a music blogger, and it's just as necessary for music fans and band members too! Don't believe me? Or perhaps you're worried about what your friends might think? Look around you! Those massively awesome musicians you came to see - the ones that have been around the scene for a while now - well, most of them are wearing earplugs too. Got to protect those eardrums so they don't miss their chance to hear the golden notes of their band's latest hit tune!

Still not convinced? Well, everyone likes free things! If you're a student at UGA (or a person who can pass for a student - yes, I'm onto you, ageless townies...), head on over to the SLC (right across from the stadium) and ask one of the kids at a help desk for a pair of earplugs. They hand 'em out as study aides, but there's no reason you can't grab yourself a few for your band of choice's next show. And hey, even if you don't want to wear them for your favorite band, there's likely to be some, shall we say, less than good bands making their noise up onstage during many of the shows you see too. The idea of losing your hearing is bad enough, but losing it to a terrible band would just be a complete tragedy now, wouldn't it?

So protect your ears with pride, my friends! Happy October!

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